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    Naruto Netorare Challenge In case you wish to talk more on a more free space.
  2. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto Netorare Challenge

    Please do make a Discord account or something. It opens up new doors, trust me.
  3. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina Is Dominated

    Civilians in Power – EvilFuzzy9 Summary: Konoha is effectively run by military tribunal with no civilian input. This is the worst case scenario of the opposite method. [heavy sexual themes, setting-appropriate mentions of death/violence, some actual smut] Konoha Hospitality – Rabiator Summary: A young, hung ninja comes to Konoha and stays with the Uzumaki family and soon has the girls turned into his sexual playthings. A commissioned story that runs on porn logic and probably shouldn't be examined too thoroughly. Perfectly Loyal – Cambrian Summary: A bit of a twist on the old Civilian Council in Konoha Cliche. There's a reason the Civilians control Konoha behind the scenes. They've been doing it for a long time. And now with Minato dead, their power is no longer in danger... quite nice how that worked out. The Unforgettable Escort Mission of Kushina – sneaky666 Summary: A simple mission can have unexpected consequences for the Uzumaki family. Infidelity, Kushina … I hope you’ll enjoy reading these fics. ^^
  4. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto Netorare Challenge

    Just curious, do you have a Discord or something, where we can talk more about this freely?
  5. Lucius-Walker

    The Uzumaki's service to Konoha

    My god, the idea of Kushina being submissive to anyone is hot enough. But submissive to the entire village in a very gaslit way? Man! Is this challenge taken yet? (Also, the link doesn’t work)
  6. Lucius-Walker

    Older man lover Kushina

    Hm, the idea of Kushina having sex primarily with old men is quite erotic. The fact that this could potentially be a compilation of her doing just that is a fine one as well. Is this challenge taken yet, or no?
  7. Lucius-Walker

    Hinata, Tsunade or Kushina gangbang Story

    A gangbang story with those three women sounds amazing! I am a bit confused on how you thought about executing this prompt, though. Is it by Naruto? Is it an NTR story? Or is it something else?
  8. Lucius-Walker

    Stop teasing us Sensei! Discussion page

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while since this forum’s been visited, hasn’t it? I just wanted LordofLust to know that I’m a huge fan of this story, even inspiring me to try to write a version myself. How are you doing, LL? I hope this year has been kind to us all, but especially you.
  9. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina is Naruto's Toy/Bargaining Chip

    Damn, the idea of Naruto whoring out his own mother’s such an erotic one. Has anyone taken on this challenge yet?
  10. Lucius-Walker

    My Older Brother's Girlfriend

    Man, I gotta watch this hentai for further context. The idea alone is pretty hot, so I would imagine that watching the hentai would make this prompt even sweeter. ^^ With that being said, has anyone taken on this challenge yet?
  11. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina needs money to raise Naruto

    Mm, the idea of Kushina whoring herself out of necessity (but growing to enjoy it later) is such a turn on! >.<
  12. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto Netorare Challenge

    Hm, an incest NTR fic, but Minato’s a willing cuck this time. Interesting. Just curious, is there anyway else we could make this more original?
  13. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina, widowed mother and pornstar

    Oh man, what a prompt! Is this story already under construction, or is it still a prompt ripe for the picking?
  14. Lucius-Walker

    Pussy Diplomacy! (Kushina-centric)

    Hello! How is everyone doing? Is anyone still around that remembers this lovely prompt and story? ^^
  15. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina the MILF Bodyguard

    Hello? Do you still remember this post?
  16. Lucius-Walker

    different take on negelcted naruto

    Hmm, quite a brutal NTR fic. I like it! However, it might be even better if at some point, every one of the girls might’ve cared about him at some point or something. What do you think? (And please sign in with an account so that you can get notifications about this.)
  17. (inspired by this post and this story): Even after all these years, I could still never get EvilFuzzy’s Civilians in Power fic out of my head. Essentially, it’s a world where the shinobis handed over their power to the civilians, and they use and abused it. Not only did it make me look for some more Naruto lewds (esp those for NTR), but it also helped nurture my kink for NTR. With that being said, I would love to reopen discussions like this, whether it’s about CIP, NTR for Naruto, or even NTR for other media. I hope someone out there shares the same interests as I do. (PS: I also suggested a bad ending for Le Fox Den, a Taimanin x Naruto crossover fic by SoulEmbrace2010. He gave me the blessing to go ahead and try to write the bad ending if I desired.)
  18. Lucius-Walker

    Loving Nympho Kushina

    Hmm, that link doesn’t work for some reason. Can you send another one or something? (This time, with you logged on?) That being said, that does sound like a pretty sweet idea. I mean, it doesn’t fit under this particular challenge, but I’ve been thinking about doing a separate series just for Naruto NTR, so there could be that. ^^
  19. Lucius-Walker

    Crossover Cuckold

    Fuck, that idea would be hot as hell. The idea of some trashy pervert like Issei getting Kushina into his harem. Damn.
  20. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    Glad to know that you’re a pretty flexible guy. Great alternatives, by the way.
  21. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    Oh yeah, that reminds me, I actually have a weird issue where I get turned off at the idea of a fem Kurama. Would leaving Kurama out of this be fine?
  22. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    First of all, you should probably get an account for this website. It’s the same account you would use for Adultfanfiction, except that when you log in, you gotta do it with your username (at least in my case.) If you get an account, you would know when someone responds in this forum. Secondly, while I’m not against femdom, I do prefer maledom for the most part, but I can definitely find some sort of balance, which includes some of your ideas. But would it be bad if half of the time, he was the dominant bull? Actually, I want the story to end with him being the bull for the most part. Would that be okay too? Third, do you have a list of women in mind already? And is there really a limit to how many women you would like?
  23. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    Admittedly, it would be a long time before I would even get started on this, given how I accepted another Naruto challenge involving Kushina, and not to mention college. But yes, I promise I’ll post the story here if and when I get started on it. That being said, could Naruto eventually be the one that does the dominating? And will he know about his mother’s plan?
  24. Lucius-Walker

    kushina challenges

    Awesome! Now if you have any ideas/anything else to say, it’ll be much easier and faster for you to know if and when we reply to them! ^^
  25. Lucius-Walker

    Steven Universe NTR

    Asking for payment is therefore not allowed either. Any and all further mentions of payment for fan fiction will be deleted on sight and could result in official reprimand. Willow Darkling, forum moderator. Duly noted, will edit post.