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    Challenge Taimanin Naruto Battle Arena

    (Sorry, this was me. I forgot to sign in before I replied. Had to go through some BS to log in and to reply.)
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    Challenge Taimanin Naruto Battle Arena

    I don’t know too much about “Witch of Steel Annerose,” but I am more “familiar” with the other ones (mostly due to the hentai, lol. My knowledge will be severely limited to the battle arena game and the hentai.) With that being said, I am interested in doing this challenge, and will either post it on adultfanfiction, hentaifoundry, and/or archiveofourown. I could have it where he’s a tragic villain, but I’m not sure just how much of a villain I’ll make him. Some other things I need to mention is that I’m not really into futa, and if I do this challenge, I’ll probably make Kurama male. I always found it a little odd whenever he turns out to be a female, so yeah.