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    Loving Nympho Kushina

    Hmm, that link doesn’t work for some reason. Can you send another one or something? (This time, with you logged on?) That being said, that does sound like a pretty sweet idea. I mean, it doesn’t fit under this particular challenge, but I’ve been thinking about doing a separate series just for Naruto NTR, so there could be that. ^^
  2. Lucius-Walker

    Crossover Cuckold

    Fuck, that idea would be hot as hell. The idea of some trashy pervert like Issei getting Kushina into his harem. Damn.
  3. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    Glad to know that you’re a pretty flexible guy. Great alternatives, by the way.
  4. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    Oh yeah, that reminds me, I actually have a weird issue where I get turned off at the idea of a fem Kurama. Would leaving Kurama out of this be fine?
  5. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    First of all, you should probably get an account for this website. It’s the same account you would use for Adultfanfiction, except that when you log in, you gotta do it with your username (at least in my case.) If you get an account, you would know when someone responds in this forum. Secondly, while I’m not against femdom, I do prefer maledom for the most part, but I can definitely find some sort of balance, which includes some of your ideas. But would it be bad if half of the time, he was the dominant bull? Actually, I want the story to end with him being the bull for the most part. Would that be okay too? Third, do you have a list of women in mind already? And is there really a limit to how many women you would like?
  6. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    Admittedly, it would be a long time before I would even get started on this, given how I accepted another Naruto challenge involving Kushina, and not to mention college. But yes, I promise I’ll post the story here if and when I get started on it. That being said, could Naruto eventually be the one that does the dominating? And will he know about his mother’s plan?
  7. Lucius-Walker

    kushina challenges

    Awesome! Now if you have any ideas/anything else to say, it’ll be much easier and faster for you to know if and when we reply to them! ^^
  8. Lucius-Walker

    Steven Universe NTR

    Asking for payment is therefore not allowed either. Any and all further mentions of payment for fan fiction will be deleted on sight and could result in official reprimand. Willow Darkling, forum moderator. Duly noted, will edit post.
  9. Duly noted. Will edit my post.
  10. As mentioned in your other post, I would be highly interested on doing a Connie x Greg story. This could be where it all starts. Such a great idea! <3
  11. Lucius-Walker

    Steven Universe NTR

    After a visit to rule34, I fell in love with the idea of Connie banging Greg. The fact that NTR’s one of my kinks certainly didn’t help. ^^ I’d be happy to think about doing this challenge. I hope we can talk more about this soon. ^^
  12. Lucius-Walker

    kushina challenges

    I think you could just set up an account here, no? If not, just make an account on AdultFF, then sign on (although you would have to use your username instead of email if you use autofill.) Glad to know that you’re much more open minded then some people.
  13. Lucius-Walker

    MILF trouble

    Ooh, this is an interesting prompt that I can totally get into! The fact that Naruto sort of gets him back and they actually turn out to be even at the end puts a new spin onto the Kushina-NTR theme. Just curious, what are some kinks and limits of yours? Cause while technically I could choose to disregard the last part and write however I like, I am still curious about what you’re into and what you’re not into, cause I’m into a lot of things, really.
  14. Lucius-Walker

    Crossover Cuckold

    Hmm, a crossover cuckolding would be pretty interesting, especially if it happened from aholes like Issei.
  15. Lucius-Walker

    kushina challenges

    First of all, you should get an account or something. Would make your life easier, trust me. Secondly, while I’m not exactly opposed to avoiding the NTR route, NTR/cucking is one of my favorite themes. Would it be a personal issue of yours if I happened to include NTR?
  16. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina Chooses Cock over Naruto

    Always loved the idea of milfs choosing sex over family. One of the best kinds of NTR if you ask me. That being said, I can’t seem to find many of the mentioned stories. Can you please give links (assuming that these wonderful-sounding stories still exist)?
  17. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina Uzumaki, toy of her student

    You know what? I fell in love with the idea ever since I read that one fic, but grew frustrated that there wasn’t more. I hope I can change that soon!
  18. Lucius-Walker

    The Stepfather

    Man, what a brutal world for poor Naruto. I’m pretty interested in this, and I do hope that I can find the time to get to it one day!
  19. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina cheating on Minato

    Always do love a good cheating Kushina story. I can’t wait to write something like this soon (again).
  20. Lucius-Walker

    Naruto femdom prison challenge

    I’d be very interested on doing this challenge at some point. The fact that I can do crossovers means infinite possibilities, and it also means that nothing should really be taken seriously. ^^
  21. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina the MILF Bodyguard

    The story’s gone, mate.
  22. Lucius-Walker

    A Harem for the Raikage

    Everyone, DO NOT click on the Hentaimate links. They’ll give you a virus!
  23. Lucius-Walker

    A Harem for the Raikage

  24. Lucius-Walker

    Uncaring Kushina

    Dude, the idea of Kushina willingly being a bad mom and choosing dicks over Naruto is such a huge turnon! I would love to try out this challenge at some point. ^^
  25. Lucius-Walker

    Kushina Uzumaki. Konoha's Shota Slut

    You know, I always loved the idea of shotas fucking women much older and bigger than them, especially milfs. I can’t believe I didn’t think about this challenge myself until I stumbled across it. Now you got my creative juices flowing. I do hope that I can get to this challenge soon, especially since I’ve already accepted another one.