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    Fem!harry vampire idea

    Can’t find a fic like this anywhere, so here goes. Harry is a female (Harriet) vampire in service to Dumbledore. Think harry potter version of Hellsing Ultimate, but they (and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix, naturally) are fighting the usual suspects. i.e. Grindelwald, old Voldy and other persons of a dark nature. The setting is the usual. 15 years after the first war (during what would be canon Harry’s 4th year). Harriet is locked away somewhere in Hogwarts due to her nature, and breaks out during an attack by Death Eaters as a way of letting the world know that Voldemort has returned. Now, on to personality. Harriet is very playful. She likes to mess with people. She never refers to Dumbledore as Professor or Sir, always Albus or “Old Man”. I would say through certain turn of events, she eventually makes friends with the usual cast. Other than that, the rest is open to creation. I’m hoping for a long story, but I’m cool with a one-shot. Sex or no sex, I’m fine with either. What do you think? Any takers?