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  1. andreww9933

    In search of a Resident Evil fanfiction.

    That's just it, I don't know if it was removed or if I am simply overlooking it. You'd know that if you actually read my post. I simply stated I couldn't find it. I don't exactly remember the name, heck I don't even remember the tags or descriptions that well. I just remember some of what it was about and was hoping that would jog someone's memory. I never once asked anyone to redistribute it. I asked if anyone knew what I was talking about or perhaps could provide a link if it was still on the website. I read the rules of the forum before posting. Otherwise I would have asked for a copy of Prander's work, as it was some of the best there was. So with all due respect, please don't assume I'm asking someone to break the rules when all I wanted to know was a name or the link if it still existed.
  2. andreww9933

    In search of a Resident Evil fanfiction.

    The main things I remember of this was that it was about Rebecca and Billy. I bieve they were at a Halloween costume party and bumped in to each other. It was a somewhat romantic fic, but was also heavy on the sexual content, especially masturbation. I believe the name was Howl, but I'm not sure. My external hard drive recently crashed, so I lost it as well as several others (I'm especially saddened by the loss of Prander's stories). So if anyone knows which one I'm talking about, please let me know, thanks.