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  1. Good to hear you’re doing well! So is there a possible sequel still on the way or is that project not being worked on? Because the description of being returned to Drasha and with her overseeing Lara she never escapes sounds great!
  2. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hope everything’s going good, Mal. Hope you got a vaccine shot even if you already had it.
  3. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    It’s all good, Mal. I know what you mean with this time of the year, and with everything going on especially. Take it easy and stay safe.
  4. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Any updates soon, Mal?
  5. Sazbi

    Review Responses- Heyoo

    Loved Broken Blackheart and the dynamic of all the women established. Definitely hope there’s more of Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota explored, even Io’s depravity as the bottom of the roster behind the scenes.
  6. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Happy New Year, Mal! Looking forward to those other stories and chapter 51. Hope the Isabela Merced story is kind of bondage heavy Happy Cyberpunk 2077 is working for you (I’m guessing PC) with all of the mess that games going through, can’t play it yet and now probably never can on console Bring on 2021 with an awesome update!
  7. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Take a long as you need Mal, glad that you’re feeling better. We can wait for your mojo to get going on BDH, just looking forward to Chloe and Ari’s night with Alex after seeing the 34+35 video and based on the last chapter, a possible quick Taylor + Ari scene.
  8. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hope everything’s better than last time Mal, looking forward to hearing any update
  9. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Good to hear from you Mal. Take your time and rest easy. Sucks you had to use the CPAP machine but very glad you got past that. Gonna be optimistic and hope for a full recovery.
  10. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hope for a speedy recovery, Mal.
  11. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hope it’s a negative result and hope you get better Mal
  12. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Yay, Chloe and Ari won! Can’t wait for that scene and to see the status quo of the harem be setup before Kendall and Alexandra shake things up
  13. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Voted for Chloe and Ari, I feel Chloe’s “dom” side would come out on Ari if she speaks as Chloe would want her to maintain the “role” of being a Kitty.
  14. Sazbi

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Loved how far the girls have progressed into their relationships and Cara’s openness to seeing the benefit of her “niece.” Hope with the new schedule plan the punishment room is not abandoned. Liking where this is going with Taylor and Ari Hope Kendall and Alexandra’s appearance is able to happen in the next one, but sounds like they are being introduced separately. Now to wait for the next one!