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  1. Mansi Jain

    Requesting a new Category

    There are so many of them…… Can I add them over the next week or is it necessary to add right now
  2. Mansi Jain

    Requesting a new Category

    Ok so here is what I am doing.... I have already categorized them as Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Is it necessary to add gender bender. I have mentioned in the summary whether it has Female Harry Potter or Female Draco Malfoy
  3. Mansi Jain

    Requesting a new Category

    1. subdomain: Harry Potter by JK Rowling. 2. Pairings are Male Harry Potter / Female Draco malfoy Links: : Checkmate : Prejudice Breeds Violence : Dark Night of the soul : yes You Only You : Unusual Marriage Male Draco Malfoy / Female Harry Potter : Desire : Fragmentos : Endearing : The Forest : Love in The Ruins 3. I am writing these and many more…… Some are on the verge of completion…..
  4. I want to request following categories: Female Harry Potter/Male Draco Malfoy Female Draco Malfoy/Male Harry Potter Female Draco Malfoy/Male Tom Riddle Female Harry Potter/Male Tom Riddle I already have stories on the above categories and have uploaded them. Can you please add these categories. It will get easy to categorize them as Drarry. Right now I can’t because you have mentioned that both are male in the existing categories. An early response will be appreciated.