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    In the process of reposting this story, with minor revisions, under the fandom specific category. Part 3 (Chapter Two) has just gone up.
  2. nightdarksoul


    Author: nightdarksoul Title: Mousetrap Summary: The mission was a setup. The informant was bait. Ange is captured. Gazelle Flint will go to any length to extract information from her. Will Ange break? Can she even survive? Feedback: Please Fandom: Princess Principal Warnings: Abuse Anal Angst Bi Contro Fet FF Fingering HC Humil MF MiCD Minor2 OC Oral Rape Tort Violence WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: Review Reply thread: Pending reviews
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    Princess Principal

    Requesting a new category in the Anime section for Princess Principal. I do have a story in progress.