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  1. nightdarksoul

    NightDarkSoul's Review Reply and Discussion Thread

    From TheOCslutifyer on December 18, 2020 Well, thank you for the comment. Glad you liked the story. However, this is a one-shot. There’s no sequel planned, sorry to say. And to the other point: Yeah. It’s asserted that the gas doesn’t effect males, and yet ….
  2. nightdarksoul

    NightDarkSoul's Review Reply and Discussion Thread

    From winston on November 26, 2020 on Aphrodisiac Ambush: Thank you! I’m glad you liked the story. I do have other stories in mind. Well, I am posting Mousetrap, though that focuses on Ange rather than Princess, and isn’t really connected to this story. Anyway, thanks again for the kind words.
  3. This thread is for replies to reviews I receive on my anime fanfic, and any notes or discussion about them. I’ve currently got two fanfic, both for Princess Principal. I will update this first post as I post more anime-based fanfic. Aphrodisiac Ambush Summary: The team is sent to infiltrate a hidden enemy base. They fall into a trap from which they cannot escape. From which they do not wish to escape. (Reposted with slight edits) Mousetrap Summary: The mission was a setup. The informant was bait. Ange is captured. Gazelle Flint will go to any length to extract information from her. Will Ange break? Can she even survive?
  4. nightdarksoul

    Princess Principal

    Requesting a new category in the Anime section for Princess Principal. I do have a story in progress.