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  1. Just a question or 2, since the forums (as well as posting in AFF) are new to me; been a member forever but just started getting reinvolved.
    Sorry if these sound like total noob questions...they kinda are lol

    Ok, in AFF, what is a Dragon Print?

    On here (forum) what is the Rank for? What dictates that? What can I do to change that? (was married almost 10 years- I am so NOT a virgin *giggles*)

    I think reputation is based on how many posts/replies you’ve made, is that right?

    Goodness, I sound like such a noob! :blush: But alas, without answers to unknowns, I shall remain as such. Most stuff, I’m figuring out on my own, but these questions keep me up at night lol :D

    1. Panduki


      A Dragon Print is the number of times someone has accessed your story. So, I guess the equivalent of views or hits?

      No idea about the forum rank thingy. I guess just keep posting stuff and eventually it’ll upgrade, lol.

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  2. Hehehe just figured out Status update :D

    Any other Inuyasha or Bleach yaoi fans out here at the moment?






    1. Panduki


      More yaoi to appease the yaoi gods!

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