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  1. Sorry, i just wasn’t sure about the main pair, so i wrote the the plot using “Jane Doe” and “John Doe” as placeholder until i have decided the pair, and then i posted it changing the name. I just missed a couple of them. I’m gonna correct
  2. I have this idea in my mind for a while now, and i hope that a more talented author than me will accept this challenge. So, the main pair of this story is Harry/Ginny, during the sixth year at Hogwarts. Harry find Ginny cheating on him with Dean, Ginny does not try to deny the obvious, but she say all those things as old as times like that was a mistake, the biggest of her life, and so on. But one thing that she say is true: she still love him. And so she ask for forgiveness, promising him to do anythings he wants. Harry is not sure what to do. Despite all else he still loves her, but he's pissed off for what happened. He don't want to lose he but he cannot let her get away with it. And her proposal intrigue him. Even they have always done great sex, Ginny never let Harry do something more than regular sex and foreplay. She never let him cum in her mouth during a blowjob, let alone deepthroat him, and she always had a strong, marked, repulsion for anal sex of any kind, declining every request Harry have made over time. And so, deciding to take advantage of the situation, the thing that Harry ask is a night of sex in which Ginny can not refuse him any request. REMEMBER THIS: - This can be a really long fic or can have more chapter. Your choice. - The sex description have to be graphic. - You can add any thigs you want Harry to try for the first time that Ginny never let him try, but my request are: a deepthroat, at least one time he cum in her mouth during a blowjob (before the sex or to finish it, is up to you) and of course, anal sex. - The anal sex must be the main event. - Ginny have a strong repulsion for anal, the kind that does not go away after a cuople of line of foreplay. Is more the kind that make you bargain for something else, and beg for something else. Furthermore Ginny is (obviously) a virgin for what matter anal sex, so she should feel a nice amount of pain and not feel any pleasure other than the one of being forgiven. - Ginny is not a submissive bitch that enjoy pain and being treated like a slut. She want to be forgiven, this is her main motivation. Furthermore, Harry is not a sadistic man. He do want to make her pay for the cheating, but this doesen't mean he want to make Ginny suffer in every possible way. - No extreme thing like scat or BDSM If you need any other details, or want to talk about the plot feel free to do it here or PM me. I really hope someone will write this.
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