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  1. I’m not getting an error. I pull up the login box, type in my login info, hit the login button, and the page refreshes and I’m still logged out.
  2. Okay, no rush. I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong and I don’t wanna be a pain.
  3. Just going to poke my head in and ask if there was any progress in figuring out why your login system seems to hate me in particular.
  4. The only firewall I have on is Windows Defender. Switched it off just in case and got the same issue.
  5. Update: I just double checked the password and successfully logged in through my phone. Still no luck logging in through my browser though.
  6. I’m more worried about the trouble I’m causing for you guys. I’ve tried on Chrome and Firefox. I don’t have any third party cookie blocking turned on in Chrome. I’ve tried it with and without adblock on and tried it both on and off of my VPN. And for good measure I even tried logging in through my iPhone and got nothing. Sorry about being the fly in the ointment. I really don’t know what I did to have screwed it up this badly.
  7. 12 characters long using only numbers and upper/lower case letters.
  8. Sorry. No dice. I couldn’t find any link to log out since it insisted I wasn’t logged in but I closed the website, cleared my cache and cookies, closed Chrome down, made sure it didn’t have any processes running, and tried again. Same issue.
  9. It’s still not letting me log in. I type in my username and password, the page blinks, and I’m right back where I started.
  10. Okay. Sorry to be a pain. I’m sure I did something wrong.
  11. “Activation Re-send Resending your activation could not be completed for the following reasons You have already activated your acount. You have yet to move your account to the new userpanel system. You have not yet registered there may have been a system error.” I did do the activation link but just to be safe I tried the re-send activation you linked and this is the error I got.
  12. No, I generated a new password for the reset.
  13. Thanks for replying~ Yeah, I verified my email. I cleared my cookies and cache. And I’m using a password manager so my password was entered correctly. And to double check, I did a password reset and got nothing.
  14. Hello there. I’ve just recently created an account on the archive but it’s not allowing me to log in. I put in my screen name and password and click login and it just takes me back to the same page without logging me in. Have I done something wrong?