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    The Hawk and the Heroine

    Author: Cetaphile Title: The Hawk and the Heroine Summary: Animorphs fanfic. A rare peaceful day allows Rachel and Tobias a chance to go to the beach together, where they learn just how much they love each other. Feedback: Appreciated. Love hearing if you enjoyed my work; don't mind constructive criticism and suggestions. (I kinda think some parts in the latter portion of the story could use a little work myself, to be honest.) Fandom: Science Fiction, Animorphs Pairing: Tobias/Rachel (M/F) Warnings: Beast* Fet Fingering Hum MF TF Voy Solo story or chaptered story: Solo URL: http://books.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095623 * Technically, both people involved are sentient beings with the ability to temporarily morph into any animal they've acquired the DNA of. But one's not in a human form and the other isn't throughout much of the story, so YMMV on what that counts as exactly, I guess. I hope you like my story! Any feedback on how to improve my writing style would be appreciated - if the pacing is too fast or slow, if I'm being too descriptive or not descriptive enough, if I need to use the thesuarus more, if the story is too short or long... I have plenty more ideas for smutty stories I want to write and I'd like to make them the best I can. Thanks!