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    Walder reacted to JayDee in what celebrities or actors would u love to put on a boat and sink   
    If anyone is thinking Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet & Billy Zane, I could totally recommend the perfect movie for you.
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    Walder reacted to Melrick in Plagiarism   
    We rely heavily on strangers out there, reading the stories, remembering other stories they've read, and getting suspicious enough about similarities to report it to us. We've caught a lot of plagiarists because of people like that. We're well aware that other sites don't seem to care all that much about plagiarists, but most of us are writers ourselves, and we know how we'd feel if our stories got plagiarised, so the least we can do is to ban them and publicly humiliate them. And we'll keep that up, as long as people keep bringing these things to our attention.
    I'm glad your situation got sorted.
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    I am one of the authors that QueenJen/Jen M/ Kinystuff99 plagarized. A big thank you goes out to Guest_Nik for reporting the issue. A big thank you goes to the moderators of this board who took clear and decisive action to remove the stories from this site and inform readers.
    It's partly how I felt when I read Kinkystuff99 boasting how she'd written Kismet or Happenstance, had it all completed and asked readers for feeback as she posted my work on the BA Fluff Yahoo Group. Some readers on that site might still be unaware of what transpired.
    But I'm grateful. Grateful to see the proof above that people are fair and honest. That they'll stand up for a stranger, even for one who's on the other side of the computer, someone easily ignored. That they'll take the time to reach out and send a warning about some funky business going on because there are times when ignorance isn't bliss. Because you all did that for me, I can go to bed tonight--this morning--feeling better about the situation than I did last night. I thank you for that.
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    Walder reacted to DemonGoddess in A solution to the plagiarism problem   
    It is an unfortunate fact of life that content placed on the internet is subject to theft. That being said, sure, we've been looking at ways to restrict that sort of thing, WITHOUT going to the "registered users only" thing for access, like some sites have done.
    If someone is determined to steal, they are going to steal. Even the lazy ones. With scripts freely available to take php generated content and convert it to pdf, html and other formats, it's a simple copy/paste of the story path to get the content ANYWAY, on any site, REGARDLESS of what's in place to attempt to protect it.
    Something else to keep in mind, is that while these scripts are available, they're merely a stopgap for any site, and don't truly stop it. The best way to stop plagiarism is to quit rewarding the authors who do this. Until it becomes something where users are willing to step up and help put a stop to it, in the majority, this will always be an issue for any site.
    One other thing to keep in mind, is that whatever IS implemented, I have to be careful that it doesn't affect the search indices abilities to index the site itself properly.