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  1. 1. Cartoon (Ninjago) 2. I have more than one story to add (I also have a crossover, so do I need to request a separate category for that?) The crossover is a mix up of Ninjago and Marvel universe Thank you
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    Should I just change my pen name on either? on AFF it is Loki-God-of-Mischief FFN it is Loki god of evil. AO3 the same but with hyphens. Actually, looking at that, it probably would come across as theft so I’ll change it accordingly.
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    I apologise for starting a new thread, however, I did look for this cartoon both in the forums and the archive and both places brought up 0 results. So I’m going to say hi, And finally, I guess I’m the first one to post a Ninjago story on AFF? Also wanted to ask, my original stores are on FFN, is it still okay to post the slightly updated and edited versions on here too? The one I’ve started added today is a completed story that I started this year and finished within the month, the other is a WIP and yet to be uploaded to AFF.
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    Mary Sue How-to

    Alternatively, don’t write an anti Sue… I asked on FFN what the polar opposite of a Mary Sue/Gary Stue was and got an Anti. I thought it was quite funny, having it explained to me that the character has so many flaws that they are perpetually suffering from bad luck that no normal person could possibly endure. The only reason I had asked was because I was worried (sort of) that my crossover seemed to be more of an Anti Stu rather than a someone in the middle type guy.