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  1. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Uzumaki Momdom

    maybe Naruto could wear special clothing that marks him as a slave or inhibits his movement, thigh high high heeled boots comes to mind
  2. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Toneri's Other Bride

    STORY UPDATE: Rubberfoot got in contact with me recently to tell me that due to personal factors outside of his control he will not be able to write for the near distant future. I do not blame him for this, as it is not his falt. But that means that this challenge is once again up in the air and free for anyone to pick up. To any that wish to take up the story I suggest to work with the framework established in the main challenge but also the multitude of ideas you yourself can come up with. As a side note, before this, Rubberfoot and I had drawn up around 40 pages of ideas for this story so if you are ever stuck for content/idea generation send a PM and hopefully you can make use of some of our ideas. To cap this off on a high note I would like to say how happy I am that this little idea of mine is still so well liked on the forum with people seemingly wanting more.
  3. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Toneri's Other Bride

    While the demure wife thing is something to be got over in the story, housework I don't see Naruto doing. His transformation is into something similar to a heian era noblewoman who's only job is to provide love and entertainment to his husband. Plus having everyone do his jobs for him feeds into his isolation, getting accross to him that he has no control over even the smallest thing, (like dusting the house). Though the idea of menial labor and house work could likely be used in a sex game with punishment following non compliance.
  4. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Toneri's Other Bride The link if anyone was wondering
  5. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Toneri's Other Bride

    I’ve been in contact with Rubberfoot and it should be some time in the next few weeks
  6. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Request for a Naruto x raikage

    Alternatively you could have a Kumo Kunoichi that is not only in on the but would relish in seeing seeing Naruto get fucked. People like: Mabui Karui Samui Or even Yugito somehow.
  7. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Toneri's Other Bride

    Nice to hear from you, as far as far as Japenese treditions, geisha was the first thing that came to mind but I will look up some more. Adding another character is fine, if you wish to tell me who and how they would be implemented via PM then we can have further discussion and input from both sides. The name change is fine but one of the facets of the story is that the mind break is slow, so Naruto would not think of himself as "Narumi" for quite some time. Your seals sound good, it should be noted that they should also cater for Naruto's eventual physical changes. (Long strait white hair, feminine body etc.) Any further idea discussion can be made via PM.
  8. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Toneri's Other Bride

    That is understandable, keep the chain informed if you make progress. I'm happy that this idea of mine has garnered such interest from more than one writer.
  9. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Crap... well let's hope someone else comes along
  10. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Borunaru sasunaru request

    I apologise, I forgot I was technicaly breaking the rules, it shan't happen again.
  11. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Borunaru sasunaru request

    Any particular methods of conditioning/training in mind? Such as them forcing Naruto to only eat food that has teir cum on it after a certain point. Or other scenarios and events that you want to see. (Note, I don't intend to write this story, I'm just helping to brainstorm ideas for the one eventually does)
  12. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Borunaru sasunaru request

    Any particular preference for the women's clothes he is forced to where? Ranging from something as simple as being forced to walk round the house in only thigh high boots and opera gloves or a full geisha getup? It would be morbidly ironic if they made him wear an outfit similar to Kushina's
  13. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Borunaru sasunaru request

    Is there an upward limit on humiliation? For example, could they force him to get a tramp stamp of the Uchiha clan crest to show who he belongs to?
  14. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Fair point, too many cooks in the kitchen and all that
  15. TheWingedDragonofFuta

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Thanks, make sure to send the ideas I put in my prior posts as well. I'll come up with some more ideas in the mean time, time to put the kink hat on.