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  1. Toneri's Other Bride

    Nice to hear from you, as far as far as Japenese treditions, geisha was the first thing that came to mind but I will look up some more. Adding another character is fine, if you wish to tell me who and how they would be implemented via PM then we can have further discussion and input from both sides. The name change is fine but one of the facets of the story is that the mind break is slow, so Naruto would not think of himself as "Narumi" for quite some time. Your seals sound good, it should be noted that they should also cater for Naruto's eventual physical changes. (Long strait white hair, feminine body etc.) Any further idea discussion can be made via PM.
  2. Toneri's Other Bride

    That is understandable, keep the chain informed if you make progress. I'm happy that this idea of mine has garnered such interest from more than one writer.
  3. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Crap... well let's hope someone else comes along
  4. Borunaru sasunaru request

    I apologise, I forgot I was technicaly breaking the rules, it shan't happen again.
  5. Borunaru sasunaru request

    Any particular methods of conditioning/training in mind? Such as them forcing Naruto to only eat food that has teir cum on it after a certain point. Or other scenarios and events that you want to see. (Note, I don't intend to write this story, I'm just helping to brainstorm ideas for the one eventually does)
  6. Borunaru sasunaru request

    Any particular preference for the women's clothes he is forced to where? Ranging from something as simple as being forced to walk round the house in only thigh high boots and opera gloves or a full geisha getup? It would be morbidly ironic if they made him wear an outfit similar to Kushina's
  7. Borunaru sasunaru request

    Is there an upward limit on humiliation? For example, could they force him to get a tramp stamp of the Uchiha clan crest to show who he belongs to?
  8. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Fair point, too many cooks in the kitchen and all that
  9. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Thanks, make sure to send the ideas I put in my prior posts as well. I'll come up with some more ideas in the mean time, time to put the kink hat on.
  10. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Understandable, do you mind sending these ideas to FauxFox seeing as he wanted people to send him ideas via email and mine is screwed up at the moment. Other than that is your opinions on these ideas in depth as that can help me come up with more ideas, also is their anything that you would add on to these ideas (both the ones in this post and the ones I made before) that you think would be cool.
  11. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Nun: Either a fetishised version of a nuns habit (think the saints from Hitman: absolution) or a very traditional catholic one that only shows his face and hands. Luna dresses him in it on Sundays so he can "give thanks to his femininity", likely with some form of sex toy to practice with or in the presence of her "divine" mistresses and masters, giving prayers that Luna had written for him. After his marriage he would also spend this time renewing his wedding vows. Reinforcing this idea in his mind that becoming feminized is a gift from God. Cleopatra: Luna would have a habit of dressing Harry in clothing of women of historic stature such as mari antoinette or other historic women. With the example of Cleopatra, Luna would style his hair into the classic "Cleopatra cut" before setting to work on the makeup and jewelry, finishing off with the ornate white dress that she was known for wearing. He would spend the day being pampered as a classic lady, being toyed with ornate sex toys before the day comes to an end with a bathtub full of cum to relax in. (Historically Cleopatra bathed in milk) After getting out, he would be mummified by Luna with strips of Leather before being put to bed. The smell of cum and it's sticky feeling would be teamed with the tightness of leather and latex that he has come to love, making him associate the smell and feeling of being drenched in cum with happiness. Cheongsam and other Asian clothing: I could see Harry developing a liking for Asian clothing as his second favorite after his tight fitting traditional Mcgonigal-esque clothing, routinely being dressed in variations of the Geisha ensemble that I mentioned earlier as both Luna and Draco love the look of harry shuffing around in a tight kimono with his white painted face, red lips, and ornament heavy hair. When it comes to Cgeongsams, These could be a gift from Cho who while not as intemate as his other "mistresses" likes to se him dressed up, especially in a traditional Chinese dress and hairdo. Of various colors and patterns but Luna's personal favourite is a dark green one and a black/red latex one. Makeup and footwear: Harry would learn to use a lot of varied makeup but it think that Matt black lipstick would be the one Luna uses on him the most as she loves the variation of black lips and pink tongue. Though she is very fond of his Geisha makeup. For footwear, Luna I'd very particular that he always wear some form of high heels, preferably thigh high boots to make his legs feel enclosed but depending on the outfit ut can change. Ballet boots would.only be used during a bondage session. Muggle Pop culture: Luna, while strange is pop culture savy, so on her dress up nights she sometimes dresses Harry in womens clothing from comics movies and games etc. Eg. Psylocke's leotard and boots from the x-men comics. Sari: when teaching Harry more advanced training for how to have sex like a woman, Luna takes Harry to the Patell twins and ask them to teach her sissy the woman's techniques from the Karma sutra, they do but first they dress him in an ornate Indian Sari with lots of jewlery, (from hair aunaments to toe rings) before getting down and dirty, he wears them around the house sometimes and has come to like the heavy feeling od all the jewelry jangling about his person and Draco finds it sexy. Masquerade: one of the last things that Harry does before his will to resist fully crumbles is Luna taking him to a Masquerade ball at the minestry in a tight and elegant masked ball dress. As they dance, Luna points out that no one is staring at them and by becoming feminized he is free from the burden of being Harry potter, the boy who lived. Finally breaking his will to resist. What do you think?
  12. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    It could show the progression of his mental state if he comes to depend on the feeling of his new femininity and it's trappings. He feels naked when not wearing some form of women's clothing. The constriction of his corset is comforting and he can't sit right without the slick feeling of latex panties between his legs. Narcissa could be used to great effect as a guiding hand to teach harry the high class skills the Luna and the others would lack, becoming a mother figure to Harry while taking sick pleasure in making use of her new 'daughter' I have a few ideas on outfits/Scenarios and makeup that could be used if you want to hear them?
  13. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Good to know, another idea that I had was that Harry could recive different sets of clothes as gifts for when he goes to various new countries on holiday with Luna. All fetishised or highly decorative versions of femanine outfits, jewelry and makeup. A great example of this would be having him in a full women's Kimono and Geisha makeup, Luna filling his mind with the idea of "learn how other "proper women" tend to their man" this adds a bit of diversity. It also fits into the theme of tight fitting clothing that inhibits movement but makes Harry feel more controlled and femanine.
  14. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Interesting, i think it would be cool if Luna designed Harry’s change in eventual clothing to effect him psychologically, for example his fully feminized dress is a fetishised version of Professor Mcgonagall’s outfit, her reasoning would likely be along the lines of ”You Respect her so much, all prim and proper, bound up tight like a dutiful girl that you want to be, you need to be” affecting his existing views to reinforce his submissiveness. I was thinking that attention could be paid to all his outfits to stress the fact that he is controlled. Leather Hobble skirts, knee/thigh high heeled boots, stiff boned corsets, opera gloves; inhibiting movement to show that he is entrapped in this new life. Leather and Latex articles of clothing to constantly reinforce this subconscious idea that he is being a “Proper woman” Furthermore i think Harry should receive markings and changes to both his ensemble and body as the process continues, starting simply as ear piercings and maybe a small tattoo saying “property” towards adding ornaments to his feminized hair. once the process was complete i think a full back Tattoo of an Augury would be appropriate as (if you’ve read “the Cursed Child”) it symbolizes submission to the “Dark” i got some more ideas if your interested
  15. Toneri's Other Bride

    Speaking of the Hyuuga, i guess you could add things like the cage bird seal into the mix. like one on Naruto’s tongue that when activated makes everything she eats taste like her husbands cum/urine or her own breast milk. or trigger a craving for sex from either her mistress or her husband. Another idea for a punishment could be suspending her above Toneri with his cock just out of reach as either the head doll or more than one go to town on her ass, unable to attain orgasm until she can get her husband to cum into her mouth. or burying her up to her neck in her own garden (remember that the head doll instills feminine values in her such as having a garden) with a bowl (similar to a dog cone collar attached to her neck. all the dolls would then Bukake into the bowl, telling her that she has to drink everything given to her before being aloud out of the garden. I have some more ideas for plot points but I’ll save them for later.