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    Naruko Story Ideas

    He’s one to start us all off. My idea is for a Naruko fic based off of [Blue Syndrome (Yuasa)] Ninja Izonshou Vol. 7 | Ninja Dependence Vol. 7
  2. Storylover213

    Naruko Story Ideas

    This form is pretty much just for anyone and everyone to use to suggest idea they might have for Naruko based stories as there aren’t that many of the around on Adult Fanfiction. This form is also there for though who want to post challenge Ideas involving Naruko based fics for anyone and everyone to accept. Though if you do use and or accept any of the ideas posted in this form please give the person who’s idea your using. The courtesy of letting them know you are going to do so.
  3. Storylover213

    Naruto Story

    Does anyone know what happened to DenimGiant and his fic as they are no longer on the sight?
  4. Storylover213

    Naruko Uzumaki: Konoha's #1 Slut! Discussion Forum

    Hey I was wondering do you have any other stories in the works besides the one your working on or no?
  5. Storylover213

    Naruko Uzumaki: Konoha's #1 Slut! Discussion Forum

    Nice as always though I still say you should sometime later on down the road have her have an accident where she ends up with a nice little bun in the oven. It would certainly make things interesting hell she might even try to use it to make even more money by getting people who have a fetish for fucking pregnant woman pay to have fun with her.