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  1. Chapter 9, her pride and fall~! is now out. Enjoy! As for a better visual of her position at the end, here’s a link:
  2. At least they’d be durable! Lol
  3. And it is done. Just want my beta to take a gander at it folks.
  4. overhaul how?
  5. That is a rather good point. Maybe a one-off or like you said, a halloween special of some kind. hm, or it could be another story...damn, talk about a dark but sensual one. Gd news! I am literally almost done with the chapter. It should be out by tmrw. Just have to finish up a scene.
  6. true but I think to be able to bring back the beauties of the past? it’s a pretty tempting idea.
  7. Hm, a rather nasty idea just occurred to me. What if Naruko learned Edo Tensei?
  8. i’ve been business w class sadly. But! I am working on the next chapter. I’m actually on the last scene, so that’s gd news at least.
  9. Working on it today. Hopefully I'll be ready during this week
  10. Haha that's gd too
  11. Hot damn! Now that should one of her lil bees
  12. Not my cup of tea
  13. Whoa that first one is intense n idk on the second one
  14. just started college for this semester but i am currently almost done w part 1 of the chapter.
  15. i’ll keep it in mind. Anything else to throw out? Not a lot of hashing out on this forum right now. Most of the chapter up until the wave arc, which has a handful of ideas in it already, but i love planning in the long run.