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  1. Not really, writing a term paper right now. Summer class is almost over thou
  2. maybe, depends on how deprived i turn them
  3. That is pretty hot
  4. hm, idk about Hiashi, but I am considering Hanabi. the point of Hinata’s gimphood is to hide who she is. that’s the excitement she feels if she is ever found out. but I do like the daddy kink once in a while, just not sure i want to do it w hiashi.
  5. Yeah, sorry, just did my midterm yesterday n have to do a whole bunch of reading. I am aiming to try n write some stuff tmrw though after I do my HW. Summer classes, what can ya do? ha, like a water pounding enema? that sounds sexy alright.
  6. I can manage that
  7. i’ll think up something, but not all girls need to fall under her rule. makes it more fun to corrupt later on~
  8. no preg stuff unless its a henge, i’m srry man. just not into it.
  9. bc she has a brain?
  10. not really my cup of tea. plus i think she can get an abortion n keep her career if anything.
  11. not rly looking from a preg part.
  12. lolz! thats something to think about.
  13. what can I say, college is important. as for tenten, got nothing for her right now to be honest. always open to ideas. I was thinking a toy fanatic but that’s been done to death...
  14. alright, so a lot has happened for me right now I wasnt able to write the chapter at all these past few days. But I will try to do so after my summer class midterm (which is this coming friday). Priorities guys. Sorry XP
  15. trust me, Ino will have all the pushes Naruko gives her. As for Sakura, I have a plan for her but she will still be Naruko’s number two on missions to back her up in a sexual situation. naruko will make sure of that.