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  1. i’ll keep it in mind. Anything else to throw out? Not a lot of hashing out on this forum right now. Most of the chapter up until the wave arc, which has a handful of ideas in it already, but i love planning in the long run.
  2. as to i, a creampie Naruko is a soon to be screwed happily Naruko. thou I do have a means to this to come into play, but its a bit different. dont want to spoil anything.
  3. hm, idk if he is interested in sex… i mean, its interesting but i not c it going off.
  4. Not my Thing dude
  5. haha, maybe.
  6. I could do a what if chapter maybe down the line
  7. I’m glad it was enjoyable at least and I do want to consider that Dog one. The others are on the way. i do have one w an ino focus thou...
  8. Chapter 8: A Political Service is now up! I hope for whatever feedback you can give me.
  9. Honestly? 300 or fewer words left. I'm finishing it today. Now it’s just annoying Now lol
  10. It is, just been going through a mourning period. I am on the final part of the next chapter
  11. Not yet, but will gun to work on it Sunday. Now I just want to finish it the damn chapter
  12. again, the chapter will be delayed by a few days. I kno u all must hate me for it, but with a sudden death in the family I can honestly not put the effort to write smut. I hope you understand.
  13. plan to belt it out tmrw. got 2/3s of it done.
  14. thx! i wrote some of the chapter last night, so tonite i’ll aim to do some more. let’s just say it’ll be sexception~!
  15. Oh trust me, I got ideas for Kurama. But that’s a gd one to try! Great news, i just have my final tmrw n i can finally get back to writing for u guys. Man, trying to keep a 95% avg in a class can be trying.