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  1. not rly, my mojo’s gone down for a while now. plus busy with rl.
  2. nah, they dont have the drive for that. she’s the key. resistance isnt rly her goal thou. she just wants bank.
  3. nah, I have a different idea that’s a little more hotter lol. if i get to it, u’ll c.
  4. hm, I do have a plan for that, but its a bit different then what ur thinking. whoa that’s pretty twisted of her. How this idea come about?
  5. such as?
  6. nah it is funny.
  7. hahaha hm, futa-tsume is always hot, but not into NTR rly. now that’s a summon. wha?
  8. hm, the gloryhole thing is fun when u dont kno who it is ur sucking. lolz
  9. Oh that is just hot. Seeing her mouth bubble over with bbc cum as she goes cross eyed. Sexy. a bit meh to be honest. ah, i am thinking up a modern themed fic at the moment. with a twist. this one however feels too thuggish.
  10. hm, she’s conditioned pretty fast to be honest. what a slut lol. how would naruko’s time go? Bee and Naruko has always been a hot idea to me. wish there were more on the two.
  11. no no, i was talking about the tentacles. i was thinking she finds a scroll in one of orochimaru’s old labs. n i do have plans w tsunade. let’s just say naruko isnt the first blonde girl sarutobi’s ‘trained’, lolz. alright, let me hear it.
  12. nah. Orochimaru sounds best. that has been on my mind for so damn long. had trouble coming up w the how to be honest. i will do that. thx u.
  13. what about Natsu Hyuga? she’s hanabi’s care taker. it does sound hot, ut idk how to go about awakening her dark side. n idk if it would be male. maybe a futa if anything. a take over sounds pretty hot.
  14. i actually have that idea noted. somewhat a similar idea came to mind. she’s kinda dead already, it was how she got her claw into hinata wo much issue. of course, Naruko wont be happy w just one hyuuga as her Gimp. hm, that’s actually interesting. In what way? if anything, she’d purposely get captured just for the thrill then wipe them out.
  15. i will, but to be honest my inspiration has faltered lately. maybe im dragging out the academy years too long. I kno i have at least several more chapters b4 she even graduates.