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  1. i finished it, nw im relaxing n will write today n tmrw. got RL stuff to do, its the last few weeks of college for me.
  2. Don't know, prob when my profs dump less hw on me.
  3. no, but it is being worked on. n it is yummy.
  4. Will be writing tmrw
  5. alright, with my hw lightening up, should be able to actually write this weekend. no promises of an update, but at least further progress then I am at.
  6. I have...plans for Haku.
  7. thx u. if u ever get more, drop me a line, always willing to listen. in the meantime I have put all the tsume stuff n yugao stuff in my notes doc.
  8. sounds interesting. i dont kno where to even place this, but I like it.
  9. that female customer thing is actually being worked on, but u raise a gd point. still, its tough on how to bring in tsume w what I got planned w Kiba. hm...tell me a scenario. its a bit iffy for me, not the futa, but the process of that type of idea. bc anbu feels faceless n stale
  10. that’s tough to pick who it would work with to be honest, but it has come to mind. actually, i do have a kiba thing that does happen, n i can maybe mix this in somehow, but it might be tough. but I do like it, it might be the second lez content i am working on. or I could shift it into the first. though I dont c why Naruko would flirt with tsume...
  11. always willing to listen to new ideas n thanks for the support! I kinda figured it may happen sooner or later, but i got all the copies, so i’ll just move somewhere else if it happens. as for the off limits, hm… No scat, gore, vore, amputation, that kind of stuff really. watersports, beast, that kinda stuff i’m willing to hear out, just depends on the situation. will add more if I think of it, but shoot. tell me what ya got.
  12. i’ll try but no promises, my prof gave me a lot of hw to do. plus there’s persona 5 out. n omg addicting!
  13. not this week. lots to do. about ¼ done though, will try n knock some out today.
  14. Kinda busy
  15. Mass Effect Andromeda