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  1. huh, interesting info. thx dude!
  2. i am considering them, but more nvr hurt.
  3. I'll just say that's a possibility
  4. hm, it is cliche, but i will take it under advisement. Maybe I’ll just have the summon scroll laying aorund mm, taimanin asagi is giving me some gd ideas.
  5. it depends on how I deal with the tentacles. I mean, summon, monster? some plant mutation? dude, duh XP
  6. oh, it will be sexy. trust me. now back to tentacles.
  7. Kurenai seems more straight laced, n well, straight for that. but I do have a plan for her as ive said.
  8. That was one thing I had in mind for part 1. as for number two, yes, I loved that series. That’s the tentacles I want so badly for Naruko. as for 3...maybe? I got a plan for Anko n Kurenai. but that’s gd too. same with Yugao. as for the Hinata n Kurenai bit, idk, she’s got a bit bttr control than that. but who knows.
  9. oh god yes, it is something I want. I got a couple ideas, but none concrete. ideas? Anko, Yugao, and Tsume r decided to make some appearances. maybe even Kurenai. idk how to work Tsunade into the throws of it or Shizune. i can only c Shizune w some sexual frustration n Naruko helping out n domming.
  10. aaaah, Finals r now over. I can finally get back to my smutty love. So, anyone got any ideas to share? I’d love to hear some to get my motivation rolling.
  11. Who would likely just punish them
  12. Can't
  13. I lik the girls fighting for best girl n no they can get preg
  14. Especially w what I got planned
  15. Oh do go on, plus u r also forgetting about shadow clones do come in, twice slutko or more