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    Looking for Naruto Beta

    Need someone who is familiar enough with Naruto to help me beta my story. It is about Hidan, one of the most psychotic and violent characters of Naruto, in my opinion so there will be violence, gore, rape, suicide, harmful religious ideology, etc. The works, basically. So it probably needs to be someone with a strong heart and an open mind. It does contain an OC. My main areas of concern for my story are in grammar and making sure that my readers will be able to understand my intended meaning. Also, I’m a bit worried about plot progression and letting my story move too slow/fast, not enough “umph” in my OC, and letting the whole thing in general become convoluted and uninteresting. Any tips on those things will be greatly helpful. I guess anyone interested in helping me can message me for more details on the story or contact me through email at ty for the read