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  1. NarutoNTR

    Naruto: Learning His True Self (General Discussion)

    Hey, TheDogSage, are you going to update the story? I want to see Naruto get put into bondage and pegged by Hinata with ten inch strap-on.
  2. NarutoNTR

    Naruto Lesbian Cuckold Fanfic Challenge

    I realize that you've got stories like those, I enjoy reading them. I personally want to see Naruto getting futa pegged and strap-on pegged in them. Anyway, I just thought you'd like to do this story since nobody has come up with this kind of idea before. If you want, you can try this challenge after the thing with Toneri after seeing what people think of it. Side note, when you mentioned Toneri, I was reminded of this Naruto hentai image “I'm better than Naruto”. Not sure if you've seen that I'm or not, but it is pretty humility for Naruto.
  3. NarutoNTR

    cowriter for naruto femdom fic

    If you're still looking for help, I'd be willing to throw my hat into the ring. I would like to see what I'm working with so I know exactly what to do with it.
  4. NarutoNTR

    Naruto: Learning His True Self (General Discussion)

    First, I do like the story you've got running here. It's really hot because not many people do stuff like this. That's why I was wondering if you'd check out my challenge to see if you could do it or not.
  5. Plot Naruto and Hinata are a couple, which makes the Hyūga heiress happy. That is until they're relationship becomes sexual and Hinata learns something very disappointing about Naruto, he can't lick or finger her pussy to save his life, he doesn't know one thing about touching her body, and worst of all his penis is so pathetically small that she can never feel it. So when Hinata tells her girlfriends; Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Karui, and Temari about her situation, they help her out by pleasing her themselves since Naruto is too useless to do it himself. Once Hinata experiences lesbian sex, she likes it more then she does sex with Naruto. Soon enough, Hinata's girlfriends have a request that Hinata will really enjoy. They want to force Naruto to watch as his girl gets fucked properly by women and punish him for never being able to please Hinata. Just the idea turns Hinata on, so she agrees immediately. Poor Naruto is in for a world of sexual pain and suffering. Requirements • Naruto's penis will be small either when soft or hard, barely the size of a pinky or thumb. The girls will constantly mock him about it and even physically abuse his cock and balls to keep him in line. • Naruto will be put through many forms of femdom and BDSM. Such things like chastity, bondage, flogging, strap-on pegging, and small penis humiliation. Whatever else you can think of in these matters. • The girls will constantly use bondage on Naruto by either binding him to a bed, a couch, a wall, or just a bondage stand. In doing so, they will always have Naruto stripped fully naked or stripped down to his boxers. • If stripped to his boxers, they will either use their physical strength to tear/rip them off him or slowly cut them off him with scissors before gagging him with them. The girls will do this until he runs out and force him to walk around without underwear on under his pants so that everyone can see his small penis. If he ever wants to wear underwear again, he will have to wear panties. • No yaoi, guro, or scat. I can't stress this enough. Most people get turned off by that stuff. Optional • You can either do this as a oneshot or story. It doesn't matter to me, but it's up to you if you think you can do this as a continuing story. • Naruto can have an average sized penis, but one of the girls will use a jutsu or item to shrink it down to a useless size. Sakura or Ino one. • If you're into this it, they can turn Naruto into an eunuch. One of the girls uses an old medical ninjutsu to remove Naruto's cock and/or balls and leave him smooth for the rest of his life. What they do with his cock and/or balls is completely up to you. Like keeping them as a trophy to torture him more. • Futa is welcomed, but not recommended. I just think it's over used in stories like this, but that's just my opinion. • You can sissify Naruto if you want. Make him dress like a girl or forced to be a dog or whatever else. If you want to do this challenge, please contact me through the usual means of this site.
  6. NarutoNTR

    Naruto the Kunoichi Toy (General Discussion)

    Hello DogSage, I'm a big fan of your work with this story. Now, I am curious when you will update it, because it is hot. Second, I this is an interesting for what the kunoichi Samui and Karui will do to Naruto. Naruto finds himself bound in some way; you know, either on some kind of suspension rig with his wrists and/or ankles cuffed with him spread eagle or something like that. He finds himself in nothing but his boxers again, like when he was with Sakura. Next, Samui and Karui (neither of which is a futa), will both do things like flog, beat, and insult Naruto before one of them does something hot; like either grab Naruto's boxers and rips them off like they were made of paper or get some scissors to cut them off him; slowly getting to the fun part. They want to know if Naruto really is as small as the other kunoichi have said. Next, they do all kinds of things to him; stuff his mouth shut with his ruined boxers, say insulting things about his little dicklet and how they've been fucked by men with bigger dicks then his, punish for being so small and pathetic, cock and ball torture and ending it with both girls putting him in chastity before putting on big strapons and fucking his ass. They do all of this while being recorded on camera for the Konoha Kunoichi to enjoy later. That sound like a good chapter to you man?