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  1. Author: tcr
    Title: Heaven's Fall

    Summary: The 316th Marines are among the best. Well trained, a high survival rating, they fulfil orders to the letter. Senior Corporal Saanvi Bakshi is proud to be a 316th. Aside from rebels and the occasional spatial anomaly threatening ships, it's a relatively easy assignment. Until they are assigned to retrieve a high-value target from a colony on planet Acheron. Captain Alexander Stephanopoulos, Ph.D., has his secrets about what happened there. And after the mission, one of the Marines has a deadly secret of their own.

    Feedback: Greatly appreciated.
    Fandom: Original/Science Fiction (Horror Elements)
    Warnings: MCD, MiCD, NoSex, Violence
    Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered.

    Notes: NaNoWriMo project.  All feedback and reviews greatly appreciated.