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  1. If there is one thing that I can’t help but find annoying, is that there seems to be a very large lack of Yuri Content, when it comes to Naruto Fanfiction. There are a lot of beautiful girls in the series, including the less known characters, like Ran and Ruka from the Fourth Shinobi War are very attractive. Heck, even genderbent characters like Naruko, Female Haku and Satsuki (Female Sasuke) for example, are very hot, as well. So, the question must be asked, why is there such a lack of Yuri Content with this franchise? Usually it’s yaoi, with the few yuri fanfics that appear are Futa ones or have very Vanilla pairings and harems. Nothing wrong with Futa Fanfics, but it’s kind of annoying when you try to find a good old fashion yuri fanfic, and you find nothing but Futa ones. While the Vanilla pairings and harems are boring, because it’s always the Konoha 12 girls, Anko, Shizune and Tsunade; along with Temari, who is usually the only foreign Kunoichi in these kinds of fanfics. This is why I made this forum, so we can discuss Yuri ideas for Naruto Fanfics and Naruto Crossover Fanfics. Hopefully we can finally expand this long underused portion of Naruto Fanfiction.
  2. So will there be more yuri action than there is in the actual game? I can see Kushina have sex with a good amount of beautiful and sexy women.