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  1. The Great Perverted Game

    Well I can’t say for certain. The way the game is designed I don’t actually know what is going to happen in the future, which keeps it interesting for me. But on the first turn, if Darla had been chosen, she would have replaced Angel as the vampire who had a soul.
  2. The Great Perverted Game

    Well, there is a couple of reasons for this. 1: It fits the genre. A few other people have written stories like this and sex is a goal that powers up the character 2: As a strategy game there has to be some strategic reason to consider the sex option. As an adult game, I want to make that reason important to push scenes 3: Point batteries is not the only option. Girls can provide benefits as friends or party members. It didn’t come up much in the last one, though it could have, though I push the potential a bit more in the next version.
  3. The Great Perverted Game

    It’s random (though in story the opponent assigns points). The opponent assigns points to three decks: monsters, social, and magic. Each of the decks provides various problems for the players. At the start of the game I’ll weight the random assignment based on what type of opponent/game I want it to be. I actually had a multiplayer version of this sketched out at one point, but being if the villain plays well he makes the game less sexy and it would add a lot of other things that could go wrong, I decided to just go with a random system.
  4. The Great Perverted Game

    It will be an ongoing series. My plan had been to do either a different player or cooperative play at the start of each game. rkimmelerre was so helpful with getting everything together that I’ve offered him a second play through. It won’t be based on whether a player loses or not. I’ve created a new ‘game file’ for playing and am currently working out the bugs/improving and changing mechanics. If you want to give it a test send me an email at
  5. The Great Perverted Game

    For those interested, here are the other ‘game turns’ from the story. I stopped posting them here for a few reasons. First, other than G3ae I wasn’t sure if anyone was looking at them. Second, as the game progressed there became more and more things that I just told Rkimmeleree not to do. For example, I never coded in the Veruca werewolf later in the game because we both knew he wasn’t going to waste turns on her. Likewise I never coded how Angel would work. Third, when I started off the project I thought there might be multiple people replying and I could either have a different person playing Xander every turn or some kind of consensus decision, however given how helpful Rkimmeleree was I wasn’t going to take the choosing away from him. However, if you’d like to compare the choices Rkimmeleree made to what you would do, you are welcome to have a look. You can only do a turn at a time because of programming issues that would take too long to explain. I hope in the future to have a version that can be played from beginning to end. Turn 4:!i0ZhwApZ!uKPVmmLG2OLgxjqrPZKeiMjmC5zY32ejo9AkrtQP9d4 Turn 5:!Sl5ngJbT!tnNcxRvnbUqZtPlJO6gxg4XkfCFGhQYkfRrLGn_bMow Turn 6:!bggkzCRY!xRvkNFHPDA6RBfMg7EmttTpSFENNHIwmXNY88cGZ8As Turn 7:!rpYwnJZR!yuQtbWscvBeyXAN9R1ZptBeLaEocBiqL4S_lSsdsk9Q Turn 8:!DsJyHZzT!EletdFwN42ZEE6h8DdAvpLrfzAZ5qaOZeVptz4wPmjw Turn 9:!qswDjSLB!0YGaAWyEGR1oMkeu6sXcyA-8U-NLUKSInD_I5fOpUp8 Turn 10:!n9Bw3YTL!3tjcRAMTc9iIJZEeMwK9yuUyTk_mXOq2tbQg_3utPAw
  6. The Great Perverted Game

    It’s not a problem, its just not reflective of the turn that rkimmelerre has been doing where his resources are more limited. If you want to use the testing mode just to see what all the options are, then its fine, if you want to do it to see the different possibilities/choices for how the story might move forward, you’d have to click the image at the bottom.
  7. The Great Perverted Game

    Hello G3ae, it sounds like that play was done in testing mode (which gives a lot of points to make anything possible), but thank you for giving it a try.
  8. The Great Perverted Game

    Here is story turn 2, along with the turn file for anyone interested. I’m also including turn 3, though this might not be the actual turn 3 used as I’m going to ask rkimmelerre to make some balance checks. Turn 2:!ao4DlAxQ!z9lSdFXMN-71pGJXiYMvt1UkinTKLhUMv2HMqMbVV3I Turn 3:!3xZ0jRrT!4UD1sfjMdWXblZNBKaGBD_365T-_o3US5BK6Xvy-kms
  9. The Great Perverted Game

    I’m going to keep the update short because I’m not sure if anyone is following along other than rkimmelerre at this point, and he gets plenty of updates via email. If people are actually following this, please let me know and I’ll be happy to give more information about what is going on. Basics: We did the setup turn, then turn 1, then in my process of updating the game I made enough changes that we did turn 1 again, then we partially redid turn 0. I still have stuff to put into the game, but I don’t think any of it will alter prior turns again. I’m including a mega link to the newer versions of turn 0 and turn 1 for those interested in seeing the choices that could have been made. The instructions page is way out of date. It is something I’ll update if more people start looking at the game file. Things do not sink up perfectly in terms of choices/points cost, etc. That’s a process of the going back and forth, but it is much more minor than I expected at this point of the design. Setup Turn:!3tgnDLYS!-biqp4BariQFvFt8hme6nB_aN2pZvcqmlQzx502-PQE Turn 1:!mpJE0DQI!vYRRpqx-Exr7Qt8TikK-Mmizztilla3s6fSfgJLngbM Here is also the rough draft of the story parts. I am considering how much length I am going to be given to scenes (both sex and non-sex). Currently I’m trying to keep it slim to encourage more of the overall story to get told. The in game parts are longer because of the providing of stats and information. I welcome feedback on the writing and/or the game design.
  10. The Great Perverted Game

    Turn 1 is kind of ready to go. There is a much higher chance that there are bugs present in this version than the last one and its possible I’ve made it way to easy or hard (though I doubt that will be evident for a few turns). If there is anyone playing along other than rkimmelerre, please let me know. A lot of details about the game have been communicated via email messages. I am also posting the story that will go up with turn zero. This is a rough draft. I may modify portions of the story before I actually put it up on the site. Some of the setup is just a rehash of the original story. The file is a little to large for the attachment rules, so here is a link to it being stored on mega. Hopefully I did the upload correctly.!KhJTAY4I!Qk7gJXpBGNqLvOU1y1qMZa60-_Trzq3nmpSfONmoTRg
  11. The Great Perverted Game

    Good news: I have my first version of what Buffy: The Great Perverted Game would look like. Bad news: It’s not complete, but I’m going with it for this “setup turn” unless people find it unusable. Game design is a process that starts off simple and then becomes increasingly difficult as you try to figure out how to piece everything together. There’s quite a few additional things I would like to add to this at the moment, but they wouldn’t change the appearance much and I’m planning to modify the engine after this turn. For rkimmelerre or anyone else interested in being the player: download the attached file (it’s just an html (webpage) file, don’t worry it doesn’t require any other software), open it, play through, and you’ll eventually get to an “end turn” that will give you instructions on what to copy and paste to send to me (either post it here or send it to the email address given in the file). Also, and this is optional, include what you think Xander’s motivations were for making the choices he did. If you do that it might give me a clearer picture on what to type in the story, but like I said that’s optional. There are some sections of the game that are currently listed as ‘work in process’. I’m labeling this turn 0 for things that happen ‘before the game’. There will be no negative effects on the game between this turn and the next. There shouldn’t be any ‘works in process’ after this turn because there will be much less to program per turn. Golden Rule: I can retcon or change any choices made (both this turn or in the future). I don’t want to do this and hope I get through the whole story without doing it being I’m the one giving the choices, but I have to state this as there is a possibility I will so badly mess something up that if I went with it then the story would be destroyed. This is just a warning that I don’t plan to use, and if I do it is my fault, but better to state it now than later. Sex setup: This turn requires the player to set the sex options that the world will abide by. If too many are chosen I might have to cut them down. I’m not sure what “too many” would be as some are more difficult to implement than others. I may also add others if I think they will be something I will want to write. If you have an option you’d like implemented, feel free to suggest it, but whether I use i it or not will be dependent on my preferences (all option currently in are things I’m fine writing). I realize the description here, and in the posts above, may not have adequately explained what I was going for with this project of player input choices/me write them. Hopefully having the file will make it clearer. Bugs: I don’t think there are any bugs that would dead-end the program at the moment. If you find any, please let me know. Buffy the Great Game Turn 0.html
  12. The Great Perverted Game

    Just want to update on the current status. I’m still very much working on this, its just taking a little longer to get together than I hoped. The issue primarily has to do with figuring out the numbers and programming. Because the theoretical goal is a self-contained game, I want/need to program in responses. As an example: if the player wanted to hunt vampires, and I rated that as a difficult action for 200 points, but the player first improved their skills, then the program has to spit back what it now costs with reduced numbers. That first took a while to figure out exactly what I wanted it to look like and then second actually getting it in. I’m currently working on that second part. In the future I will probably/inevitably treat this a little more like a tabletop rpg where I lay out the possible actions and difficulties based upon prior player action and then leave the decision making to the player(s). However, I want to at least get the look of a game at the start. It will be very far from an actual game, but I want a picture of the ultimate direction.
  13. The Great Perverted Game

    Rkimmeleree: thanks for your reply. If no one else comments or emails me ( I’ll be happy to have you as the player. I am giving it a few days as I recreate the structure of the game. One idea that has occurred to me since my initial post is that there could be different people who take the role of Xander in making choices per turn, instead of one person for the entire story. So even if you start as the player that doesn’t lock you in. Yes and no. Basically I have four options (at least that I have thought of since I started writing this post). I start over and just put a note in the current story, “Hey, sorry, this plot got convoluted, story rebegins again at...” Just skip to the end of the story with “And then a lot of stuff happened and then...” because I know what the final part was supposed to be that explained why Xander would play multiple times A silly end that causes the system to restart. This could be Xander clicking the wrong button, a computer problem, etc. A sexy end were Xander just goes crazy and starts buying all the sex options he can. This wouldn’t even be remotely keeping with the plot (as Xander has approached his decisions very seriously), but might be the most ‘enjoyable’ ending for the reader. Also, I never really explained why Xander would be playing multiple times/this being split between multiple stories (I mean my personal, not plot). There are two factors. The first is that I think the first couple sexual encounters are the best in the story. This is personal opinion and I’m not saying it applies to everyone, but when I read stories that have sex scenes were it is like the fourteenth orgy a character has been it, it becomes a bit stale. Thus I want to have some restarts so that the sex scenes might not be new to the Xander playing the game, but new to Xander the character. The second reason is more practical. I knew/know that I’m going to put in design elements that aren’t going to work. I thought I would get through seven or eight turns of writing before this became evident, not three. Each time the story ‘resets’ there will likely be some modifications to the structure of the game as I see better ways to make it work. This gets into a larger plot element that I haven’t reached a firm decision on: can characters within the game world die. Currently I’m leaning toward ‘no’ as it adds in a layer of complexity. Plot wise your ideas make perfect sense, they just don’t really have a rule structure I could follow. Other than the intro, I’m planning on randomizing the plot quite a bit. In this story I knew the game would draw Willow as the party member with Buffy and Fred as unaligned to start. I’m not sure if I’ll put the same characters in to start, whether I’ll have different characters, if I’ll randomiz it, or if I’ll make a system that allows the reader to choose.. Also, even if it was the same options the reader could make different choices than I did and befriend Buffy right from the start. Ah, I probably wasn’t clear enough because this isn’t what I meant to convey. Let me try to clarify. In the story, for example, Xander meets Buffy and has the options of sex, flirt, friendly, normal, or embarrassing. Now I, as the author, always knew Xander was going to choose friendly because that’s what the plan was. However I had to think of what else he could have chosen, what it would have cost, even though it was not going to happen. In what I am going towards I would write out the options and their costs and allow the reader to choose (I don’t have a plan ahead of time, it is up to the reader at each step to provide directions). Then I would continue the story off of those choices. So the story will have what you are talking about, actually more so because all the options are actual possibilities. In the new version if there is an option available and the reader chooses it, then that is how I will continue the story. Hopefully I have cleared up what I mean.
  14. This post is about my story The Great Perverted Game, why it got held up, how I want to go forward, and I how I would like others to be involved in that. Despite the recent update, I think the story unfortunately may be dead. I would like to continue the idea of the story (universe in which Xander is making decisions about what to do in a game and then living out those results), but to do that I think I'm going to have to start a fresh story. Starting fresh is not a horrible option because the plan all along (self-spoiler) was for Xander to have to play the game multiple times to actually 'win'. There are three problems that held up/have stopped the story: 1: I got pulled away from writing for a time and when I came back I forgot how I planned to get from the A to Z in the plot. I know how the story is supposed to end, but I can't remember what was supposed to happen between what I have written and how I get there. 2: It was overly complicated. While I doubt I'd ever be able to actually turn the story into a playable game, I liked the idea that it might at least be possible to do so. I put way too many possible actions in for this to be something that could happen. Part of the start over will be making a better structure. 3: A lot of what I was writing was unnecessary. In the story I would give Xander multiple options, though as the author I knew which one he was going to take. This may have been interesting to the reader (“I wonder what would have happened if he had approached Buffy in the beginning instead of on the second turn”), but it got boring for me to come up with possibilities that I knew wouldn't be used. I still enjoy the idea and want to move forward with it. I saw that Devil Duck had a post for the Shards of Reality story to get user input for what will happen next. I think that is a great idea and how I want to pursue the story. Instead of me making the decisions and writing the characters, I will put up the possible options and allow a reader(s) to make the choices. This leaves me with two options though. I could either have the choices made by the general group (based on forum posts) or I could have another person act as the 'player'. I'm leaning toward option 2, but would need someone to come in for that role (hopefully an author, but that isn't essential). So that's the update, I'd like to hear people's thoughts and whether they think the above idea would work out. If anyone would like to volunteer to be the player, please let me know.