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  1. Original MF Story - Charlotte's Movie

    i managed to piece together just about anything except for 2 or so chapters
  2. Original MF Story - Charlotte's Movie

    Thanks a lot! I will try that.
  3. Original MF Story - Charlotte's Movie

    Nope, nothing … I don’t suppose you have anything?
  4. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    I think I might skip the Tenten chapter and just write the tsunade one… however i’m really busy with work atm and the new semester just started as well, so I really have no time to write right now
  5. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    no I have never really thought of doing a story like that. I have to many stories I’m working on atm anyways, so I won’t start anything new either, sorry.
  6. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    I honestly can’t say. Most likely I will post it right after I finish it, but who knows when that will be...
  7. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Man, I hope so too. It’s really annoying me tbh, adding to that is that we finally have some decent weather here in berlin, so the motivation to write such a difficult chapter is even lower. I like the shampoo idea, very ‘realistic’ too.
  8. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    there have been a few things mentioned here in the thread, which I noted down, but I didn’t decide on anything yet. So just lay it on me.
  9. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Several nice ideas here, I won’t commit to anything just yet, seeing as the Hinata episode is still quite a while off, but I noted them down regardless. I personally am quite a fan of traditional Japanese clothing, both for males and especially females, though I admit the Jessica Rabbit dress is good as well. The idea with the manipulated fabric is also quite interesting.
  10. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    most likely not, I still have two scenes to write, and I don’t see myself doing much more today
  11. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    uhg, I hope so, I’m still not done, but I have all day tomorrow and sunday to write with nothing else to do.
  12. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    … are you serious right now? I just wrote that down… The list is in order, I thought that was obvious.
  13. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Small update, finally got over my hangup with the Tenten chapter and managed to write some today, hopefully a lot more will follow. A few people have asked me about the posting-schedule so I though posting it for everyone might be a good idea. Tenten part 2, Sunday (fingers crossed) Tsunade (most likely 2 if not 3 parts, there is a lot of content to cover) Kushina (also 2 or 3 parts) (Ino/Sakura/Hinata) in any order, although I still don’t have a solid plan for Ino yet, except for a few Ideas. Kurenai … Thanks again everybody for the feedback and your contributions in this thread, would be way harder if I didn’t get all those ideas from you guys. Edit: The list is in order, from top to bottom, in case that it was not clear enough.
  14. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    That is true, i’ll just have to do my best. We’ll see about a fitting scenario once I decide who, and when, although I quite like the investigation idea.
  15. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    And an update for the Tenten chapter, I don’t have written as much as I’d like, and I most likely won’t finish the chapter this weekend, seeing as I will be going to visit some family in another state and I’m not sure how much time I will have to write there. Now the question is, do you want me to post the chapter as fast as possible, or should I wait for next Sunday and get a head start on the Tsunade episode, which will be next.