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    Serious issue with tag search

    I’ve also had this issue, except that it seems to only search for the first tag, and none of the others. Say I’m looking for “FF” stuff, and want “Inc” or “Herm”, it’ll search FF, but nothing else. And trying to use quotation marks just seems to erase everything after the first one (the first quotation mark) when you hit search. And trying to stop seeing “M/M” stuff is impossible, because it doesn’t seem to register if it has the slash in the middle. That tag gets ignored entirely. It seems to allow you to exclude other more common tags in the search, like “anal”. This is all stuff I’ve figured out on my own.
  2. As stated in the title, the story has an issue where it’s pretty much unreadable on mobile. It doesn’t wrap like it should on mobile. This has happened with other stories, too. Here’s a link to the story I’m talking about, though: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600099638
  3. I was looking at the stories for Harry Potter, and any time someone had "Hermione" in their summary, the "herm" part would be cut from the summary, and added to the story tags, implying that the story has a hermaphrodite in it. It leaves behind the "ione" part of Hermione's name, though. I'm pretty sure there's a way to add "Hermione" as an exclusion to the tag adding code, but I couldn't tell you exactly how, without knowing which coding language the tagging code is in. Please, see what you can do to fix this. I've included an image of one instance of this issue. I've checked the main "Harry Potter" archives, and they don't seem to have that issue, though there was one story that still said "Herm" as a tag, despite having Hermione's full first name.