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  1. Here is a link to this story .
  2. I hope someone is taking this idea .
  3. Icha Icha Paradise: Masquerade by MrFreaky
  4. A great idea for a story
  5. Hmm, this is an interesting idea for the story.
  6. Great Idea for a story
  7. Great Idea for a story
  8. Amazing idea for the story .
  9. Interesting Idea
  10. Thank you for the compliment . I hope someone takes the challenge.
  11. Kushina falls in love at first sight the boy met on organized by a friend of a blind date. However, there is a problem, Naruto is a boy over which Kushina bullied in elementary school. And although she hardly remembers the time, Naruto hated her with all my strength. He blames her for all the wrong emotional and mental, which for years meant that his life was hell. Kushina hopes, however, that intend to overcome the past and fall in love in itself. But if Naruto is able to feel her something other than hatred and revenge?
  12. Great idea for a story
  13. Very amazing and cool idea.
  14. Interesting idea