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  1. Naruto-Gremory

    Looking for a story
  2. Naruto-Gremory

    Uzumaki D. Naruto, emperor of the seas

    A great idea, I hope someone will write it.
  3. Naruto-Gremory

    Mom's Boyfriend Uzumaki Edition

    Hmm, this is an interesting idea for the story .
  4. Naruto-Gremory

    New Stepdad

    Is it possible for Izuna Uchiha to join the little Naruto harem?
  5. Naruto-Gremory

    naruto and his sensei

    Here is a link to this story .
  6. Naruto-Gremory

    Masquerade birthday party Naruto/Mikoto Uchiha

    Icha Icha Paradise: Masquerade by MrFreaky
  7. Naruto-Gremory

    naruto slave to sister

    A great idea for a story
  8. Naruto-Gremory

    The Pact: a harem for the Prince of Uzushio

    Hmm, this is an interesting idea for the story.
  9. Naruto-Gremory

    My sexy mother

    Great Idea for a story
  10. Naruto-Gremory

    Hinata and the Sex Note

    Amazing idea for the story .
  11. Naruto-Gremory

    Naruto evil incarnation

    Interesting Idea
  12. Naruto-Gremory

    My Older Brother's Girlfriend

    Great idea for a story
  13. Naruto-Gremory

    Adulterous Naruto and his harem

    Very amazing and cool idea.
  14. Naruto-Gremory

    Naruto DxD: Naruto devil of Lust.

    Interesting idea