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    This is the one! Thank you.
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    Looks like no one knows what it is. :/
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    I dunno if it helps anyone but it was likely on AFF, AO3, or FF.net. :/ But it could have been anywhere really.
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    OK, I've been looking for this story, and I don't know where it was posted, who wrote it or the title. Sorry. I the story, Naraku has been defeated, and Kagome has the whole sacred jewel, she meets Kouga in her time, and he's injured and she helps him get home. (I think?) They have sex, he bites her, she doesn't notice. She makes a wish on the jewel that causes the past to change and Kouga doesn't remember her. Skip forward a bit again, Kagome and her friends go out to celebrate one of their birthdays, and end up at a club Kouga owns, and he beings them drinks cause their a VIP group. One of the girls works for Ginta, and he got them the passes cause he has a crush on her. Kouga realizes he's marked Kagome, but has no clue who she is, so he tries to figure it out and they end up talking and she tells him what happened, and he tells her that he's marked her. That's all I remember, please help me!!