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  1. As the title suggests, I am offering to temporarly be a science fiction beta for those people who need one. I generally prefer to edit/beta stories that are either science fiction or science fantasy. Please specify, which your story is, so I can provide better corrections. Since the two are often confused, this video explains the difference between science fiction and science fantasy: I generally prefer NOT to edit stories that involve Futanari, Tentacles, BDSM, or M/M. In the past, I have proofread for these stories on SOL and Lit. While I respect these fetishes, I have found I really prefer to not to read the paragraphs with these fetishes in them. I am willing to work with authors of M/M as long as your warn me which scenes are going to involve graphic hardcore sex (as I probably will just give you the tools to proofread those yourself). I also grammar check for those that need it. P.S. I have a physics degree.
  2. So after reading several threads, I am starting to get that plagiarism is an occasional problem for writers even writers of fanfiction. I am curious how do you guys go about finding plagiarism beyond just the natural google search? Is it through fans? Do you use a plagiarism checker? Like http://www.copyscape.com/compare.php or https://www.paperrater.com/ ? P.S. I am not sure if the suggestions place is the best place to have a discussion about this. If you admins or mods know of a better one, then feel free to move this discussion.
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    MAJOR software update

    n30 wonders if this read only mode will make things easier to read on mobile.
  4. So, I was starting to write some fanfiction when I realized something... Technically fanfiction is copying another person's work and then modifying it to create a new work. Depending on the differences with the original, one could argue that they are exactly the same work and you plagiarizing the author or stealing the orginal author's work. Naturally as authors fanfiction is expression of love for the work, so stealing or hurting the author goes against the spirit of writing itself. Some of you out there might even agree that one should attempt to contact the author if they have an easy online means of contact (which these days is easy because almost everyone is online) So then how to do you give credit to the author without plagiarizing them? Were do you draw the line between a complete copy of the work or a modification of an original story? P.S. Does anyone has experience with writing fanfiction of an orginal Adult-fanfiction.com work OR have experience with one of there own works having a fanfiction done of it (where the person asked permission of course). If so, your insight would be valuable. Edit: BronxWench shared the link below. Still I am curious of your guys opinion: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php/topic/15097-when-do-i-need-citations-and-footnoting/ Updated post to reflect this link
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unlimited_Fafnir Every time I read or watch this series, I always get the feeling that the author took an 18+ eroge plot and make it Rated: T. This series title is begging for an 18+ fanfiction.
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    Unlimited Fappnir 18+ Story Idea

    Crap its supposed to be a challenge. Did I post it the wrong place? Can you move it?
  7. So a brought this up in chat. Are there any resources for DC's fandom's canon, its characters, fandom-specific writing tips? Any free comics or places you buy comics? Any recommend reading about DC canon like old comic canon vs. new 52 canon? What do you use to help you write DC fanfiction?
  8. As the title suggests the challenge to write a story about dragons who are also pirates and/or cheerleaders.
  9. Call me curious, but can you give examples?
  10. You know how sometimes people in harry potter fanfiction genre want to use magical versions modern weapons? Like swords that shoot lasers or magic guns that dual as a witches broom (called gunner's broom)? Well, I figured out a way to justify the magic of harry potter or even mix it with science. Option A) Magic is a Gestalt psychic field. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_theory_(psychology) http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Orks(a famous example from fiction) http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Electrolocation(what enables them to emit radio waves) Wizards are simply radio-wave emitting humans that emit a Gestalt Field. Gestalt psychological theory "suggests that the mind forms a global whole with self-organizing tendencies." When the perceptual human mind forms percept or gestalt, then the whole has a reality of its own, independent of the parts. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestalt_psychology). Psychological field theory examines patterns of interaction between the individual and the total field, or environment. Thus, Gestalt field theory is the idea that perception is a psychological field of both the individual and environment. This field is written as a wave-function (math equation) of the both the perceived reality and social interactions. In WH40k and other science fantasy, psychic ability transforms Gestalt field theory into a field that warps reality based on shared faith. If enough psychic people with magic believe something to be true, then it will become true. The Earth's abundance of living creatures (especially microbes) allows them to warp even physics of a planet to their will. It's a scientific justification that magic works because people believe in it. Naturally any attempt to explain this Wizarding World would backfire as any scientific explanation of magic would challenge the very belief that it's possible. Option B) Clark's Third Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarke%27s_three_laws When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. Science thus advances in two ways according to Kuhn. One is the regular exploration and application of a given paradigm. The other is a paradigm shift or scientific revolution. Besides rigorous debate over fruitful experiments, paradigm shifts in Clark sense occur when elderly scientists die out or retire. In contrast, Magic advances through a more evolutionary sense through random discovery in new spells and ideas of the core Branches of Magic. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This challenge has few rules other than using the word Gestalt Field or using Clarke's 3 laws. This is a challenge to not only mix harry potter magic with modern science, but go a step further and examine the social, economic, and political consequences of it.
  11. How about historic synonyms? In ancient Japan Tentacles are actually a slang term for dicks, vaginas, and sex toys. Don't believe me? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tentacle_erotica So technically any slang term for a sex organ can be a slang term for a tentacle: http://timeglider.com/timeline/07f47d6b843da763 for vagina http://timeglider.com/timeline/194b572e19fd461b for penis
  12. I am kind of not surprised <-<; The same thing happen to yahoo fanfiction groups back in '06.
  13. You know this is something I have been always afraid to ask about. We all know that homosexuality is a spectrum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_scale Is there a test to figure out how homosexual you are? What kind of test does one actually take to see what part of the spectrum they are on? Is there an online version, one can take to get a rough idea? P.S. I apologize in advance if this comes across as offensive. I am not try to imply that homosexuality is a psychological condition or a choice. I know, thanks to science, that homosexuality is a genetic predetermined preference. You don't chose to be gay. You are just born it much like you are born a particular biological gender and born with a particular gender inclination. Of course you have to figure out what that gender inclination is. This is why I am curious because in the modern era and post-70s era, it would seem like there would be a safe scientific way for people to self-help themselves figure out there gender inclination. Also some other questions. Is it true that you practice with fruit or something else to learn fellatio or cunnilingus? Or are some people born with godly sexual prowess?
  14. What are your favorite proofing reading tools? What are your favorite grammar editing tools? What writing tools do you use? still proofing this post Introduction: Even with the most modern technology, human proofreading cannot be beaten as the best way to check grammar and style. This is not a thread to say machine proofreading and grammar technology is better. However, as many editors (betas) know, the manual process of proofreading an 80-page chapter, over six times, can cause even the best beta eyes to blur and bleed. So, I want to share and discuss time-saving technologies that reduce the workload during the proofreading process. Below are some of my favorite grammar and writing tools. I encourage you to share your own personal favorite tools. Also, feel free to discuss your experiences good or bad using such tools. Writing, Concept Mapping, Character Development, and Planning tools: _________________ (blank space) _______________________. I put in this blank space, because I want encourage you all again to share your favorite technologies. I cannot wait to read what you share. Hemingway App: This my most recommended Web 2.0 app that I think both writers and editors should all use. It's also the last tool I use after 2 complete re-readings of a work. Hemingway once said he believed a writer should, "Use short sentences. Use short [...] paragraphs. Use vigorous English. Be positive, not negative." This app embraces that ideology. It does not check grammar or spelling. Instead, it improves readability by simplifying writing structure and sharpening syntax. If you simplify a minimum 5 red or yellow highlighted sentences using this app, then you will double your appeal to a wider audience. Check it out if you want more details. Grammar and Proofreading Tools: Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar checker ( or your default grammar checker): You cannot beat the classics. Microsoft Office time, so it's pretty good at the basics. In fact, the default grammar checker of your word processor, whatever it may be, is a good place to start when talking about proofreading tools. Pro: You already own it. Its gets the basic job of checking spelling and grammar done so you don't embarrass yourself. Con: It sometimes misses common mistakes. Grammarly: Grammarly is my go to proofreading tool, which I use to find and correct the most blatant errors before even reading on a paragraph. It's my rough cut. Pro: Its a pure grammar checker. It checks grammar to the point that often points out misused words and phrases that most editors miss. It deeply checks one's writing structure and not just looking for passivity or fragments. Its explanations are designed in a way that teaches you about English grammar and writing style, which English teachers can love. Con: The free version only grammar checks for one writing style . The pro-version to a lesser extent encourages a Ye O'Kings Modern English interpretation of grammar and syntax. So don't blame me if your writing sounds like your from London. The free version does not include the more complicated writing structure errors like fragments. Finally, it is WINDOWS ONLY. Ginger: Keeping it 100, I have a confession; I honestly don't own a Mac so I have little experience with Ginger Software. However, this is what I do know; it's the mac version of Grammarly. Pro: Offers many of the advantages of Grammarly. It proofreads grammar and spelling better than Grammarly while sacrificing syntax and writing structure. It's available on almost every platform including mobile. Con: It's not free, but medium range price. Jetpack and Polishmywriting: Many of you who use WordPress probably know or use Jetpack. Jetpack also has a built-in grammar editor based on After the Deadline / Polishmywriting software. Pro: Availability within the WordPress framework (only Grammarly also has this by default). It's a better spell and grammar checker than your default word processor. Con: Polishmywriting is not the best grammar checker out there, and the free version is very limited. Unlike software with too many false positives, Polishmywriting tends to miss certain grammar mistakes but less than default word processor. Still for WordPress, it's pretty awesome. StyleWriting: StyleWriting has all the advantages of the other proofreading tools and more. Pro: It checks grammar, syntax, spelling, word structure as good as if not better than all the other editors do. It even checks a little bit of readability in terms of word choice like Hemmingway. Con: Two words-- High Cost. To get the best out of this software you better buy in a group or are willing to sacrifice an arm or leg. Proofreading Endurance (Accessibility) Tools: Rome was not built in a day, and neither was becoming a great proofreader nor writer. The reality is that not everything you write or proofread is going to be exciting or even attention-grabbing. So how do you get through the boring stuff? How do you build your proofreading endurance? Some people say practices, I say reading accessibility tools. Specifically, you can use any technology developed for people with reading, writing, language communication, seeing, or hearing disabilities. I am behind the times with accessibility technology, so I encourage you to share your own ideas. Text to Speech Software: (Microsoft Office) (Chrome) (Firefox) Have you ever heard to read something out loud to proofread? Well, why do you read when your computer can read for you. Yes, the same software that helps the blind or language impaired can help you proofread. Microsoft has the TTS engine is back baby! Most browsers have apps for TTS technology. The only downsides are that TTS buffer slowly and that you have to spend a lot of time configuring and installing voice packs. Moreover, I have yet to find TTS that fluidly allows to you to read any line you want without restarting from the beginning of a paragraph or chapter. WARNING:. You've gone off deep end of TTS when you have 5 of them set to different macro-keys in order for all the characters have silly voices when you proofread. Use TTS in moderation. Line Reading and Highlighting Software: (http://goo.gl/3f2l3A) (http://goo.gl/Kwxhrz) By default Macs and Windows can allow you to create a bar that only allows you to see and read one line at a time. Print Accessibility/Read-Mode Software: (http://goo.gl/a27lTQ) (https://goo.gl/rpi8vB) Do you hate the fonts, colors, and sizes that you get sometimes from authors/translators? I do... a lot; however, I am smart enough not to complain and crush a new author's hopes and dreams of an entire fanfiction written in Pinky Pie Neon Pink with the color having 4th wall importance like Kirby or Mario Color Game. While you will have to google it yourself, Print Accessibility software can remove all the ads, image pop-ups, colors, and other annoying things, so you can get to the important stuff, which is the actual text.
  15. You probably know how bad google translate interpretation of the context of words and grammar. Do you know how google translate is fraught with errors? Well now see all that and more hilarity , in google translate sings: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnYtw5ezZI-BnVCUhMOcBqi9KggS1fhD Enjoy! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ P.S. I will add links to famous translations of foreign novel websites if figure out a good way of linking them without needing a cache. P.P.S. If you would actually like to improve or suggest things for google translate then join this group: https://translate.google.com/community
  16. A pretty straight forward question. I was going to give some tips to people later today about online grammar editors; however, first I wanted to check to see if these was a feature on the site. Often, some of the most subtle grammar or context mistakes become clear after you have published your story. So I thought I would at least double check to see if it was possible for someone to edit there story after its been published. If this is not a feature, could it be added?
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    New? Introduce Yourself!

    Hello my name is neoshadow or n30 I am thinking about writing my own fan-fiction someday soon-ish. I am good at grammar editing (and apparently beta-ing I guess) as I volunteer edit for a novel translation group using MAP(*) and papers for several of my friends. I might try my hand being a beta, if I find spare time. Also I like science and hardcore science fiction. Also meat-buns! ===== (*)Machine Assisted Proofreading. [before you ask, yes you still have to read through it grammar Nazis]
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    Horrible for Mobile

    It also depends on the mobile browser. I often hate how google chrome does layout. So for reading novels, I use safari or opera-mini. Both allow you to resize the text or remove distracting links/ads. The trick though is to have your phone in a landscape position. I have had not problems viewing the site in the Safari mobile browser.