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  1. My second celebrity fanfiction stars Lindsay Lohan!

    This tale is a little out there. It deals with vomit play -- which is a real fetish (emetophilia) -- but not one you hear a whole heck of a lot about. I hope you will give it a chance.

    Author: LizzyBathory
    Title: "A Roman Shower"
    Summary: A trusted friend introduces Lindsay Lohan to the peculiar fetish of playing with vomit!!
    Feedback: Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated
    Fandom: Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan
    Warnings: COMPLETE, F/F, Fet, M/F, Oneshot, Oral, Other
    Solo or chaptered story: One shot

    You might be interested to know that this story was originally jam-packed with celebrity cameos -- until I realized that I would have to disclaimer every one of them, and that was just too much for passing mentions of background characters, so I excised them all except for Hayden Panettiere, whose role is too pivotal to cut.

  2. I believe Giles would save Buffy.

    1. As her Watcher, it's his duty to watch out for her. If you look at his duty as serving humanity, Buffy still wins because she's a great Slayer and has/will save more people and protect humanity. Remember, Buffy's role as the Chosen One means she has a responsibility to destroy monsters but Willow, as the magic user with potential (and only potential) for great power has no such responsibility -- Giles cannot even know that she will be interested in using her witchy powers in the future, and it's not Willow's job to protect humanity.

    2. At that point, I don't think Giles really had much experience with "good" witches -- and surely Buffy's remit to destroy monsters included witches (I'm thinking of that evil cheerleader, the one that ended up trapped as a trophy *oops, spoiler warning* wasn't she a witch?), so Giles might weigh the possibility that he'd be saving a potentially evil witch. (Willow go evil? Never happen, amirite LOL) Willow had potential, but potential to do what?

    3. As a Watcher, would Giles later go to the Council and say, "Yeah, I let my Slayer die (screw that, actually -- if he drops her he kills her!) because I decided to save this human chick who can use magic." I don't think that would fly.

    So, another vote for Buffy Anne Summers!

  3. Here it is, folks, my first celebrity fanfiction story...

    Author: LizzyBathory
    Title: "Gang of Four"
    Summary: Chloë Grace Moretz opted out of the security provided for the movie’s location shoot, so it really wasn’t smart to ditch her bodyguard when there’s a rape gang on the prowl!
    Feedback: Any would be greatly appreciated
    Fandom: Celebrity -- Chloë Grace Moretz
    Warnings: 3Plus,COMPLETE,F/F,M/F,Oneshot,Oral,Rape
    Solo or chaptered story: One shot

    I'd love it if people would read and react!