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  1. jebusno2

    Yandere twin challenge

    Sounds fun.
  2. jebusno2

    Yandere twin challenge

    If you can make it work great. If it disrupts the story too much dont bother with fem draco.
  3. jebusno2

    Yandere twin challenge

    Would prefer the fem draco cos it adds a rivalry. The rest sounds ok though.
  4. jebusno2

    Yandere twin challenge

    Could someone write a fic where harry has a female twin that is either wrongly believed to be the GWL or she actually is the GWL, whichever works better. She should also secretly be yandere for harry but hides it behind being spolied. Both parents should be alive and neglect harry for the twin. Can be a harem if you want. Maybe the trigger for open obsession being james tries to marry off harry for money/political gain. Draco should be female too and interesed in harry, she can also be a yandere if you can make it work.
  5. jebusno2

    Angel Intervention challenge

    Can anyone write a fic where an angel decides to intervine and save the winchesters in the hospital before john can sacrifice himself?
  6. jebusno2

    Supernatural GB

    Does anyone know of any gb fics for this where Dean and/or Sam gets turned female by something? If there arn’t can someone give it a go? The challenge is that Dean and/or Sam gets turned female. Heaven/angel CANNOT change them back for what ever reason It can occur either before or after the series start pairing can be whatever you like Gabriel has to meet them and protect them either as a friend or lover Casiel can get gbed to if you like.
  7. jebusno2

    Acantha's Despair Continuation

    Can anyone try to do a continuation of Acantha's Despair by Scyggy on mediaminer. It is the only fic like it a can find and the author seems to have abandoned it. Or i not a continuation a new one with the same idea?
  8. I’m trying to find a fic where a plot point was the draco clamed to be a veela and harry was his mate, however harry firmly rejects this. At one point i think at one point to try and hide from draco harry performs a riftual or potion to make himself invisible to him but screws up and only made his clothes invisible to draco. Anyone know the fic? I think it is on here but it might be on i can’t remember.
  9. jebusno2

    Warhammer 40,000 tau x human

    Can anyone write a good tau x human smutfic?