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  1. david15

    the hokages will

    What do you would you like to know?
  2. david15

    [Request] Naruko captured by Gato in Wave

    I don't think sneaky666 writes anymore I haven't seen him around in over a year
  3. david15

    Exile Naruto Au

    Sure, but just don't make it a love story most fics that claim to have a dark or evil naruto do things like this have naruto forget that the girls he's with are brainwashed slaves and he acts like he's in love with them he gets made when someone not him starts talking about breeding programs when he's just as bad as them.
  4. david15

    RWBY I Love you Cardin

    thanks for letting me know
  5. You do know there are no differents to scat and an enema right? One you poop on purpose the other water forces it out
  6. david15

    Lust and Greed

    that would work for me
  7. david15

    Lust and Greed

    The civilian council of Konoha are deeply corrupt they abuse there position to sate there lust and greed over everyone they can,working togather they create a plan to control the minds of the ninja of Konoha then using there power they intend to control all of Fire country then the world. Things that I would like to see in this story are The council is a corrupt group of fat and lazy perverts who spend there time molesting the women of the leaf Kunoich do not necessarily like or find pleasure in pleasing the council but fully believe that the council is to be abade in anyway,or in other words in this fic kunoichi are still kunoichi they are still just as powerful as there male counterparts just brainwashed like everyone else to believe in the power and absolute authority of there leaders. The men on the council like to make use of the more powerful kunoichi enjoying the fact that they could slaughter army's but still meekly bow to there desires. Kushina living thru the Kyuubi attack and resealing in her new born daughter is placed under a prototype seal that enslaves her to them spends the next few years perfecting the seal and applying it to others. As the years go by among the ninja forces there is a growing trend to follow all orders from the civilian council ninja have become more sevail in there presents allowing them to treat them like servants,it becomes comin for proud kunoich to meekly accept there touches and fondling often being summed to there estates to be used for sex. In time under orders from the council Konoha has been brainwashing wealthy nobils and merchants throughout Fire Country with a goal toward having absolute power over it but leveing the brainwashed to do all the work for them whyll they sait there greed. The daughter of the Fire Damyo and heir to his thrown is a brainwash servant to there will and has helped them rule over Fire Country since her deflowering. Naruko and the ninja of her generation have been raised from birth on concepts of duty and loyalty above all eles to the civalin council. The night Naruko loses her virginity her mom presents her to the head of the council a fat man her moms age who enjoys makeing her mother prepare her for him Naruko mastering sage mode and a council member getting his off on heaving her use it whyll having sex with him Kushina and her daughter have helped the council members brainwash people all over the world from Daimoy like Haruna and Koyuki to deadly Kunoichi like Temari and Kurotsuchi.
  8. david15

    Exile Naruto Au

    Exile Naruto Au A lot of exile Naruto fic have Konoha exile him then Naruto goes off and build's a empire in the west, at which point Konoha after all of the friends Naruto made in other Country's abandon them for exiling Naruto are stuck with no allies and for some resoon still let Naruto's friends who consistently speak out against the village on Naruto's behalf go on missions whyll they are about to be attacked by hostile villages send someone to Narutos empire to request help not knowing its him leading with the story usually ends with even Fire Country abandoning Konoha and siding with Naruto, Naruto saving Hinata from being forced to marry someone against her will and Naruto destroying Konoha. Well in this fic instead of cutting tys with Konoha and joining Naruto,instead Konoha has created new brainwashing jutsu that enforced the belief that they cant win against the the superior nation that is Fire Country above all else into there heads which made to deepion there tys with both Konoha and Fire Country as a whole they have all banned to gather and conquered all of the Elemental Nations creating a world that bows to Fire Country a world that has just site its sights on conquereimg Naruto's Empire by brainwashing Naruto and his wife a powerful kunoichi in her own right. Things that I would like to see A representative from the Capital of Fire Country in the Land of Demons where as part of a secret agreement the representative will impregnate Shion as part of a treaty with Fire Country with Shion agreeing that when her daughter and her future dissidents come of age they would be impregnated by someone of Fire Country's choosing. Hinata sleeping with a noble during an escort mission Temari being forced to marry someone on the Konoha council Naruto can be killed or brainwashed and his Empire taken over with his wife being brainwashed into accepting a treaty with Fire. Naruto's wife after she has been brainwashed spends the nights leading up to the official signing of the treaty with the Ambassador as a symbol of submission to Fire Country Naruto's wife has been fully brainwashed into loyal serving Fire Country and acts as a lover to the Fire Ambassador in secret. Narutos daughters are beloved by the empire trained to become powerful kunoichi they have a reputation of hunting down what the Empire believes to be bandits and slavers but are in realty rebels and outspoken critics of Fire Country Also, one thing that I would like to see in this fic kunoichi are still kunoichi they will bow to the will of council or nobles from the land of fire but they are still just as powerful as their male counterparts just brainwashed like everyone else to believe in the power and absolute authority of there leaders.
  9. david15

    Slave Justice

    This takes place in the Young Justice universe The Justice League since its funding unknown to anyone has been under the control of a group of wealthy politicians called The Trust. The Trust using an unknown artifact brainwashed the League to believe that they where the rightful leaders of the world and the League had the duty to carry out there will. Under there control the League continued as normole in public but in secret they worked to set the Trust in positions of power and leisure. The civilian identity of female members of the League became secretary's and personal aides to the Trust so they where in position to act as bodyguards if needed or more often as sex toys. The Leagues sidekicks where placed as students in schools the Trusts children attended allowing them to serve as hidden bodyguards the girls being used as trophies by the spoiled offspring of the Trust meek toys that can only blush and nod whyll the boys brag about fucking them. things that I wont to see are The girls in this are not bimbos they alaw the Trust to treat them like that becoues they truly believe that the Trust are there rightful rulers not becoues they like it,and are still active superheros. Returning from a mission with her team Artemis get called aside by Black Canary to meet the offspring of the Trust shes been assigned to guard. Kid Flash in his civilian identity as Waly West is being bullied by the Trust children who get off on knowing who he is and that he sumites to there bullying comes home from a mission and walks into them fucking his mother Mary West and is forced to watch. Mary West posing for nude photos for the kids just so they can show them around her sons school
  10. david15

    Civilians in power

    hey I showed this challenge to EvilFuzzy and he wrote it for me it can be found at hentai-foundry its called Civilians in Power since its a commission he couldn't post it on this site and I don't know if where allowed to post links to commission directly but it shouldn't be hard to find.
  11. david15

    naruto x high school dxd

    you need to be more specific your challenge mach's pretty much all Naruto/DxD crossovers on fanfiction net
  12. david15

    If Kushina raised Sasuke

    Well the idea is Kushina for one reason or another becomes devoted to Sasuke happiness even over her own children even to the point she gives him her daughter or helps him get the girls her son might be interested in.
  13. david15

    Older man lover Kushina

    darkdemigod look if you keep posting things like this in this thread it will be locked BitterNTR will update when he gets the chance and remember a lot of authors will stop writing a story entirely if you keep bugging them about updates.
  14. david15

    Uncharted Raffs Fortune

    In Libertalia why ll chasing Drake Raff found an artifact that lets him control minds using this artifact he enslaves Drake,Elena,Sully ,Sam and Nadine cut to the epilogue chapter of the game where Nate and Elena's daughter Cassie is looking at pictchers of Raff standing at famuse sites that Raff claimed to have found why ll her parents stand in the back ground mirroring her looking at picthers of the things her parents found at the end of the game. In the game where she finds picters and artifacts from her parents past that leads Nate to telling her about his past adventurers when he finds her there instead she finds picchers with her mother having sex with Raff before her mother walks in on her looking. things I wont to see Elena talking about how great a man Raff is and how she cant help but wont him Elena escorting Cassie to a room where Raff is fucking Nadine telling her how prod she is. Years in the fucher Cassie an experienced treusher hunter just as skilled as her father is being fucked by Raffs son after he gets back from a press confronts where he claimed the credit for her resent find.