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  1. fallenangel2093

    Help me plz

    This was the one thank you so much
  2. fallenangel2093

    Help cant find

    Looking for a fic where harry and severus are already in a commited relationship and they invite lucius to stay with them and lucius falls in love with both harry and severus when harry comes back to their room he sees severus and lucius together and runs, he comes back to hogwarts and he is really sick walking with a can and having convulsions it turns out lucius and severus are his mates and they all end up together
  3. fallenangel2093

    Young Harry/Sirius Black

    Awe thats sad i heard alot of good things about the story
  4. fallenangel2093

    Incubus Harry/Tom revenge on light

    This is one of my favorites it took me a minute to find it, its control issues on ao3 link below https://archiveofourown.org/works/660780/chapters/1205099
  5. fallenangel2093

    looking for a fiction

    Thicker than water
  6. fallenangel2093

    looking for a fiction

    I believe this is the story you’re looking for https://archiveofourown.org/works/235475
  7. fallenangel2093

    Help me plz

    Also Voldemort is the defense professor at hogwarts with an anagrammed name it was like Russian or German and in order for Harry to be around Sirius he polyjuices into snape
  8. fallenangel2093

    Lucius takes Harry

    I think this might be the story your looking for https://archiveofourown.org/works/10089914/chapters/22478147
  9. fallenangel2093

    Help me plz

    I don’t remember the title but basically what I remember is that Harry gets pulled into a closet and is brutally raped by hermione and Ginny polyjuiced as Sirius I believe the pairing is hp/lv
  10. fallenangel2093

    Snarry story

  11. fallenangel2093

    Help Please!

    It's salvation by avenging angel I don't know if it's on aff but it's on AO3 here is the link http://archiveofourown.org/works/803122/chapters/1514042
  12. fallenangel2093

    werewolfs and vampires oh my.. and a Harry/Tom

    The first one is a series I'm puttin the link https://archiveofourown.org/series/59562
  13. fallenangel2093

    Help plz

    Name is control issues if any one else is interested in reading it it's on archive of our own
  14. fallenangel2093

    Help plz

    Looking for a story I recently read I can't remember the pairing but I know it was slash I believe it was Harry/Voldemort but Harry gets revenge on everybody he turns lupin into a cock whore and brutally kills Ron and hermione he if I remember correctly is some kind of creature and they wanted to breed him with tonks
  15. fallenangel2093

    Age play w/mature content

    So I found a new interest and was wondering if anyone has any recs for slash age play w/mature content