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  1. Thanks again I use a touchpad on my laptop, and using your method, it sort of works, but is a little unstable. Anyway, you’ve still managed to help me, and for that I thank you. Have a wonderful day
  2. Thanks for the reply. How do you scroll down by staying in the middle? If I use the arrows on my keyboard, it only scrolls as far as the chapters that show (approximately 5 chapters).
  3. Hi! I was just wondering if there was a problem with the ‘Chapter List’ feature? I can’t scroll through the chapters because when I put my mouse on the scroll-down bar, the list disappears. I can use the arrows on the right-hand side to move through the chapters, but that is far more tedious if there are multiple chapters and I haven't read the last five or so updates. Is this a known issue? Thanks. OpenPage
  4. Thank you for you advice and replying to quickly! I tried what you said (logging in on the home page and then logging in on my profile) and it worked. I have just tried my phone again, and it now appears to be working, although last night it definitely didn’t and my friend was having the same issue. Oh, well, as long as it’s fixed, that’s the main thing Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.
  5. Hi! Ever since the upgrade, whenever I log in on my laptop using either Chrome or Firefox and then move to another menu, I get logged out. Also, I can’t log in at all on Chrome using my phone. I have cleared all cookies but am still having problems. It’s starting to get very frustrating, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. OpenPage