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  1. Oh ok so the problem was on my end . Thank you for your help
  2. Ok I have I'm able to post screen shots now. My first issue is that it's still in read from only and second issue is that I'm already logged in and I have to go to the home pagein order to see other parts of the site First issue:http://imgur.com/a/djVlIsecond issue: http://imgur.com/a/DoOXa I have no idea if it on my end that's has the problem or yours but please let me know whats wrong
  3. I'm sorry but my phone will not let me copy the screen shot on here
  4. Oh ok thank you I'll use my phone post it then
  5. I'm seeing this Saved Photo And please tell me if you can my screen shot
  6. I've tried that and it still looks the same