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  1. Here's the idea. When realising Naruto's "oiroke no Jutsu" was a real transformation, Mizuki decided to "teach" him the ONLY skill he was willing to teach him. (Yes, you got it right... he told him to change into his girl form and he fucked "her". What he did NOT conceive was that Naruto would become really, REEEAAAALLLYYY good at it. Starting from there, Naruto starts to negotiate things and defeat all his opponents through sex. As a female. Whether that includes Mizuki's defeat is your choice, but afterwards... Naruto defeats Ebisu through an orgy (yes, right in front of Konohamaru... keep in mind, Naruto does NOT know what is right or wrong socially speaking). Naruto distracts Kakashi by enacting some scene from icha-Icha (blowjob, striptease, a good old shag... again, your choice). He convinces Tazuna to accept his team the same way... while Sasuke is fighting one of the Onikyodai, "she" gives the other one another kind of fight. He seduces Haku (boy haku or girl Haku, again, your choice), "negotiates" with Zabuza, infiltrates Gato's compound (by posing as a whore) and murders the little fucker after the deed. The same goes for the later events (and if you manage to have him defeat Ibiki's exam the same way, kuddos!) After realising how efficient his method is (whether after his fight against Kiba or his defeating Neji), the girls start to ask him to teach them, and end up teaching him about both guy-on-girl (with him as a guy this time) and girl-on-girl (if you keep Haku as a guy). And let's not forget Anko, Kurenai or Yuugao deciding to take him under their wing... either one or all three of them. Must include: Anal Vaginal Blowjob Handjob Double penetration Group-sex Cumshots Lesbian Threesomes (both MMF, MFF... and FFF) Foursomes, Moresomes Dildos Bondage Sex with almost every male character in the show (though fillers are NOT necessary if you don't want them), including Orochimaru and Obito. Sex with as many female characters as you can involve... including the filler girls if you can. May include: Bestiality (including summons) Double Anal Double Vaginal Yaoi (though not my taste, but we need to satisfy everyone) Tentacles There can be lemons where Naruto isn't present, but the majority of the story must revolve around "her" sex life. And of course his goal is STILL to become Hokage... just in an unusual way.
  2. Hey, no problem with that. Well, to me anyway. So long as it makes sense, i have no problem with him not even trying to have sex with a girl as a boy. And while i have nothing against yaoi, i just would skip those kinds of scenes. Though it’d have to be gradual how much time he spends as a girl. And just don’t forget that “she” won’t give up on “her” dream to be Hokage. RLK is an excellent story (too bad it probably won’t be updated ever again), but you missed the challenge’s point completely. It’s not a “Girl-Naruto got introduced to sex early and became a courtisan” kind of challenge. It’s a “[Insert-Name] puts Naruto’s best jutsu to good use, how does the whiskered wonder deal with it” kind of challenge. And let me remind you, HIS “best” Jutsu channges him from MALE to FEMALE. Whether or not he ends up going full girl, he still starts as a guy.
  3. Thanks, i wasn’t aware about that fact. I will read it as soon as possible.
  4. Before i start, i'll say this. First, most of the challenges i make have similar components (the main female characters ending up as major sluts, whores, etc...) so i'm guessing people don't find them really original... or even challenging. You're probably wondering, in that case, "why doesn't he try writing his own stories, then"... well, the answer is simple... i can't. Make no mistake, i AM writing my own stories... just not the ones pertaining to my challenges. The why is because i doubt i could make a character that's NOT mine believable for long. For that reason, most of my stories (and don't bother looking for them, out of the, 20-something stories i have written, only a few have been released on the internet) revolve around original characters, and the various fandoms involved only become secondary. Okay, now that that's been said, here's the challenge. First, the time period... either after Buffy's death and before her resurrection at Willow's hand, or after the collapse of Sunnydale. Having grown tired of being treated like a kid (or like she was made with glass), and possibly to escape the many reminders of her sister (if you go with the Buffy's Dead route), Dawn runs away from home, possibly with Spike's help. Problem is, a lone teenager (or a teenager with a vampire) needs money to survive. Hence why she starts to walk the streets. Must have: Dawn starting at the bottom of the food chain,(so to speak), and growing up the ladder of the red light industry. The Scoobs/Fang Gang finding her again after some time (at least 2 years if she left before Buffy's resurrection, or at least a year if she left after the fall of Sunnydale). The reactions of everyone involved are yours to decide. Except Buffy's. She's obviously upset. Ultimately, Dawn gives them an ultimatum which can be resumed to "i like my life now, either you accept it, or you leave me the fuck alone. Pun intended." in the case Spike left with her, he's obviously soulless. (And if he isn't, better make it a very good reason). May have: Dawn leaving the States for a more whore-friendly country. Dawn becoming a pornstar (which could lead to the others finding her) Faith supporting Dawn's decision 100%. Some of the Potentials with nothing to come back to decide to join her in sex industry. Must NOT have: Any of the Scoobie girls (meaning Buffy, Willow, Tara or Anya, whoever survive's the fall) joining in her line of work. If anything, whether or not they manage to reconcile with Dawn, they absolutely refuse to join her line of work. I think that's all right now.
  5. There are many naruto/RWBY crossovers around here, but none of these picture Jiraya as the hero, so i wanted to be innovative at least with this in my challenge. An incident happened during his fight with Nagato, and istead of killing him, the Jutsu that ended the fight created a rip between dimensions and send him to Remnant. Mind you, he’s still missing an arm and is still hurt pretty badly so he’ll first have to spend some time in the hospital. While in the hospital, he starts to learn the language of Remnant, and starts to translate “Icha Icha” under the title “Ninjas of Love”. He also writes the sequels for “Icha Icha” using Naruto as the hero, Tsunade, Konan, Anko and any other kunoichi he knows of and what he remembers of them as inspiration (that may include other known kunoichis he heard about from his spy network, like Terumi Mei, Kurotsuchi, Samui, etc...). The translated series are obviously a huge success (case in pont, Blake). After he gets out of the hospital, he also learns that he can still summon toads, but because of the metaphysical distance between dimensions, he can only summon “little ones” (like Gamatatsu or Gamakichi), and he can’t be reverse-summoned because of his own chakra reserves being way too big and the accident that sent him to Remnant in the first place being way too hazardous to reproduce. On the other hand, he can send some little things back with the summoned toads, which he uses to send his “original” versions back to be published in the Elemental Nations, as well as some weapon prints and some dust crystals. All the while, he starts wandering Remnant, learning about the world he now resides in, and recreating his very own spy network. He mets a lot of people along the way, including an old drunken crow, his estranged ravenous sister, at least one Maiden and various teachers from all of the Hunter schools. And of course, he starts to use the women as wank mater… er, i mean inspiration for his books. whether he met Summer before her disappearance or not is up to you. He convinces Roman and Emerald to secretly work for him. Roman said it himself, while he’s not hero material, he’s a survivor. AND he cares about Neo. so even while playing bad guy, he would secure for himself and neo a salvation road just in case. And Emerald, while being on the supposedly bad side, has shown that she isn’t as bad as people think. (Heck, despite everything i’m not convinced about Cinder’s evilness). He may or may not have tried to seduce Emerald. He may even have succeeded, who knows. Junior and the twins are also contacts of his, and yes, he probably tried to seduce Miltiades and Melanie. With all of that, will fall under Ozpin’s radar (though knowing him, it was probably his intention in the first place), and Ozzie, noticing how efficient he is, and how he doesn’t care about politics, would ask him to teach Beacon (though only students or teams he felt worth it. Namely, RWBY, JNPR of CVFY). Some kind of Underneath-the-Underneath_101 class (i know, the name sucks). Now, the fun part: The Must contain: - Jiraya trying (and sometimes succeeding at) seducing the older women: Summer (obvious fail), Raven (possible success?), Winter (FAIL! BIG TIME!) and Glynda (possible success to put an end to Ironwood’s advances) - Jiraya trying to seduce the more open-minded or bold students: Yang, Coco, Nora and Blake (yes, i said Blake). Yang and Coco may be the only ones of the lot he could convince normally, just for some fun time. Or it could backfire big time. Nora: Nope, she’s way too into Ren. She’ll either laugh it off as a joke or try to break his legs. Blake: She actually would almost go through with this because she thinks he’s blackmailing her with her past as a White Fang… Jiraya decides he doesn’t like that and stops the action after possibly a bit of groping (during which he realises so does not want to do it. - Jiraya spying on all the girls/women, and catching some “precious” moments: For exemple, Coco and Velvet having some fun in the bath, Coco playing doctor with Fox, Qrow and Winter having Drunk Sex (and Winter blowing a fuse afterwards), Yang catching Blake in the act of masturbating while reading her precious book, and possibly “joining” her. - Occasional glimpses at some of the Books’ chapters (with obvious enough descriptions that we, as the readers, at least recognize the portrayed characters) - Remnant’s women’s reactions to being in the novels (i think Coco and Yang would have find it fun, Weiss would have a meltdown, and Ruby would wonder what’s so great about doing THAT without realising she’s the girl protrayed, but that may just be me). - Reactions of the females (and some males) from the Elemental Nations to their portrays in the novels, as well as their realisation that Jiraya is alive and well somewhere. Those reactions must include Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, Sakura and Naruto at the least. Naruto in particular must react to his have inspired sex scenes both as a guy AND as a girl, and that his girl-side is portrayed in the novels as having sex with GUYS. Yeah, i think he will react badly to that one. - Any kind of sex is premitted so long as it’s between Humans (i include faunuses in “Humans”) so long as it’s not rape. - Rape may only be heard of as mentions, or attempts that Jiraya or any other good guys/not-so-bad guys put a stop to. May contain: - Anything you’re agreeable with as long as it’s NOT forced. Otherwise please keep it as mentions only. - Any of the girls (including those one-time girls like NDGO or other girls from the Tournament) having an active sexual life. Whether it’s just masturbation, experimentaion or whatever is all up to you. That means if you want you can have Ruby masturbating, Ruby and Weiss experimenting with each other, Pyrrah going to a “Gloryhole”, whatever. - the REAL Naruto having sex with a guy in girl-form (why not? He could have found the books inspiring and want to experiment?) Must NOT contain: - depictions of rape of any kind. - Nora having sex with anyone other than Ren. Or possibly Pyrrah. - Jaune having sex with Weiss. And that’s pretty much what i can think of for now.
  6. Vld

    Two challenge ideas

    First idea: Senshi infected During a fight against a youma-like creature, one of the Senshis (preferably Usagi, Ami or Hotaru) gets infected with a libido-enhancing virus. It starts rather slowly with whichever senshi you chose first having to masturbate frequently, but after a short time, said Senshi needs more, and starts sleeping around. First with her desired gender, then with both genders, then with more and more people at one time, and finally anything that "walks", so to speak. All the while, the infected Senshi starts to gain new weird attributes (pheromones, the ability to change appearance, grow wings, tentacles, dicks, additional vaginas, mind-control, etc... the choice is yours), and the accidental and uncontrollable ability to infect other people. Whatever "perks" they may gain as time passes, the first one they gain is the gradually lessening need for normal food, breathe or rest, as the more they fuck around, the more energy they start to gain from lust and sex. Depending on who is infected (whether they're the first one or the ones afterwards), different things start to apply. If it's Usagi, her relationship with Mamoru becomes strained at first, as he starts getting real jealous. Later on, other future children of hers start to appear in present time, all of which share her lust. (Yes, if Usagi is changed, that includes Chibi-Usa, who may explain that the reason she "flirted" with Mamoru was because her training in controlling her pulsions was incomplete). Ultimately Usagi decides sex is the way to unite the world. If it's Ami, she discovers that she can use her lust as a medical tool, and since she wants to be a doctor... If it's Hotaru, problems may happen at school because she starts seducing several students and teachers, and/or because she's seen by someone related to the school while either entering a love hotel, a brothel, or having sex in public. Should Rei be changed, she manages to control her lust at first, because of her miko training, but ultimately she's caught by some paparazzi, thus ruining her father's political career. If Minako is changed, it may change her idol career to one as a pornstar. These are only ideas for the different characters, and i have none yet for the other Senshis. Second idea: The Debt. Either one of the Inner Senshis or Naru inherits a very huge debt from their deceased parents. In Makoto's case, you'll need to explain why the debt only now reaches her. Whoever contracts the debt finds an add for a model/actress willing to do "risky/naughty/interesting" things. Surprisingly, the job pays rather well. With nothing to lose, and not wanting to end up in a third-rate brothel and spread her legs for life, whoever decides to at least test the waters. Turns out, the contractant is either a youma who didn't want to follow Beryl and wanted something other than the fighting, or some sex demon or other creature who likes humans as more than food. May have: pretty much anything you can think of, one of those without debts discovering some of the main character's work and confronting her. The employer at some point giving the main girl the choice of becoming like her or staying human, and if the girl is one of the Senshis, her employer joining into the fighting of the monster of the week.
  7. I'm more into succubi myself lol!
  8. Any suggestions on who changes into what? I mean, i'm guessing you'll want Naruto to have mostly dick growth and multiple dicks, but what about everyone else?
  9. Here's the challenge: Everyone knows Kayaba is a Genius... what noone knows is, he's a also a huge pervert. One of the known girls OTHER than Asuna (meaning either Sachi, Silica, Lisbeth or Argo) learn of a series of quests that will earn them a LOT of EXP, Col and possible higher-ranked equipment. The First Quest also gives, if succeeded, a new skill. The only way to fail the first quest... is to refuse it. But refusing it won't make it unavailable later on. Whoever you choose as your heroine decides to see what the quest (and the skill) is about, and discovers she needs a different kind of weapon to succeed in that quest. Yes, you got it: SEX. Now, depending on your main character, this can go several ways. Sachi: Saved by kirito, she wishes to join the frontlines, but knows her level is far from enough. Will survivor's guilt influence her decision, or will she decide to raise her skills the hard way? In other words, will she be willing to dirty herself to help finish the game, or would she rather risk her life fighting monsters? Silica: Pretty much the same as Sachi, without the survivor's guilt. Lisbeth: Does she want to join the frontlines enough to do it? If you decide to go canon with her, that may explain WHY she chose to become a Blacksmith instead of anything else. She wasn't scared of fighting, but was smart enough to not take on more than she can chew, and she wasn't willing to get experience the "easy" way. Argo: On the one hand, sex is a good way of getting information. On the other... yeah. Will she go through with it? Or does it disgust her? And whatever she does, will she give that information? To whom? Her requirements in whom she should give that inromation are important. Or will she seal that knowledge in the deepest corners of her mind? must have: Whether you go with the refusal OR the acceptance, whoever you chose as your main character must have detailed reasonings about it. She, whoever she is, tries VERY hard to hide her new way of levelling from everyone else. Especially Asuna or Kirito. This of course leads to either of them (or even Klein or Agil) to try and discover how they managed to grow so much... and why they seem so embarrassed about it. Whether or not they catch up on it is your decison. Of course if it's Argo, she doesn't show anything. Whatever equipment they manage to get through that kind of quest is at least good quality, and is sexy at best, kinky most of the time, if not 100% slutty. Whether that includes weapons is, again, your choice. May have: Whoever your may character is may try to convince one of the other lesser characters to follow in their footsteps... not like that. I mean, whoever says they want to be stronger, and your main character decides whether or not to tell them of her way. The skill is NOT a Unique Skill. Quests, all of it, are yours to decide. Meaning you decide if it's full-blown sex, or just some simple strip-teasing. Of course, the more naughty (and possibly the more humiliating) the quest, the better the reward (be it exp, col or equipment). Do these quests only involve human NPCs, does it involve other kinds creatures, it's your choice. Do whoever they are decide to use their skills to "negotiate" with other players, again your choice. The following i put in the "may" but i hope you'll take it as a "must": Do they have a breakdown, and if they do, who do they tell about it? It can be anyone important, from Klein to Asuna, even going so far as including "Heathcliff". I'll put in a potential "Must Not Have", but it's your choice in the end whether you still want to do it or not. Here it is: Kirito does NOT use their services (if they decide to sell themselves to other Players). Asuna does NOT join their line of work. Sasha, the one working the orphanage, may try to get some more money this way to help the children better, she does NOT bring any of the children in with her. If Silica is your main character, Sasha, whether she works the same or not, does NOT approve. I really hope someone will take me up on my challenge. Or at least tell me what you think.
  10. You mean, does it have subcategories or the likes? Or do you just want to know what the "special skill" itself is? The Special Skill itself is simply Sex. Whether it has subcategories or not is the author's choice. Either you can have them getting new subskills when they get better in "general sex" (new subskills being things as simple as handjob or as kinky as GroupSex or Bondage), or it can simply be that their level in Sex allows them more actions, without need for subskills. Maybe you can have a "seduction" skill that could work on NPCs and monsters, or you can have everything depending on just the Sex skill. The skill in itself, its name, declinations, quests, all of it is up to the Author. As long as it is sex-related.
  11. Vld

    To-love-ru challenge.

    Contrarily to popular belief, Yuki Rito is NOT a pervert... or rather, not anymore of a pervert than the typical teenager or young adult. After Momo managed to convince most of (or all) the other girls to follow up with her harem plan, they realise that fact the hard way... Rito does not know how to please a girl... other than by accident. Because of that, Momo, Risa and Mio (meaning the REAL perverts) come up with a plan... to have Rito experience what being pleased as a girl means. Pleased by a MAN, that is. Using a newly updated version of Lala's "Change Boy-Girl-kun", one that will last for a full day, Using some of Ryoko's (Mikado-sensei) contacts, they send Riko (Girl-Rito) to work in the most famous brothel in the galaxy. Rito being Rito, and being ultimately unable to refuse the girls anything, resigns "herself" to this new development... The real trouble comes later, though. When he started working there, Rito was NOT a happy camper... but after a few days, Riko gets quite eager to go back to work, and she starts using Lala's invention more and more, to the point where she ends up spending most of her free time as a girl. After the first instant of shock, some of the girls (at least the most perverted) decide to join Riko in the fun, yet all of them want to convince him to at least take care of them as a boy. Even if some of them may not care that much about his/her gender (namely Lala, Saki and Mea). Because Riko works into a galactic brothel, feel free to be imaginative in her clients.
  12. Vld

    To-love-ru challenge.

    Yeah, for now she is. Keep in mind, she has been raised as a weapon for a lot longer than either Yami or Mea. So of course it would be a lot harder to convince her to start living as a human. So how hard it took Yami to start thinking maybe she deserved a little bit of happiness, and she had her time with Tiayu (i refuse to call her "Tearju") to relate to before she effectively became a weapon. Yet it's also because of her relationship with Tia that she has such a hard time making her peace. Mea was the easiest because she thinks of Yami as her big sister, doesn't have her kind of background, AND was accidently influenced by Nana. Even with Nemesis's influence, having a friend who doesn't care about what she was (even if she didn't know at first, that's nothing) AND having a sister who despite her awkwardness shows she can interact with people and even befriend some would inherently lead Mea to think for herself. Nemesis already likes Rito a great deal, no matter what she may say, and while it will take some time, she will finally stop thinking of herself as only a weapon. She will keep her sadistic side, however. So if whoever takes my challenge decides to have her join the brothel works, she will mostly play S&M games, most likely as the Dom. Although i think it's most likely that she will visit it as a client and ask for Riko to service her.
  13. Vld

    To-love-ru challenge.

    Yeah, Nemesis definitely could. Wonder if i should have added her in the "real perverts" list.
  14. Vld

    fem naruto

    I'm guessing you mean femnaru with many guys? Afraid not. I'm sure there are some, though.
  15. After a particularly stressful event (either the failed wedding, anything including all fiancees, rivals, fathers, etc... or a particularly evil stunt by Nabiki), Girl-Ranma ends up drawning her sorrows in a bar. Drunk enough to lose all inhibitions but not enough to forget what happened, she wakes up the next morning in bed with a complete stranger (maybe more than one, and at least one guy), and realises she loved it. Like it always does when he/she is in Nerima, badness ensues (badness completely unrelated with her one-night-stand... i know, pronons with Ranma are a bitch), and Ranma gets fed up with the lack of honor and care from everyone around him, and decides to leave for good. To add insult to injury, he decides to lock himself in his girl-form and find work in the sex industry. Must include: Ranko having sex with boys and girls alike, and possibly hermaphrodites (possibility for crossovers) Ranko participating in groupsex. Ranko having sex on camera, and becoming an amateur pornstar. Ranko convincing girls she meets to join her business (NOT necessarily girls from the show) Ranko being officially disowned. The fathers trying to convince Ranko to marry Soun. Nabiki trying to make money of Ranko's new situation... and it backfiring badly. Akane having one of her tantrums, and Ranko retaliating. The Amazons trying to either kill or convince Ranko to join their people. Nodoka trying to enforce the pledge and not being able to because Ranko is NOT a Saotome anymore. Ranko does NOT give up the art, even if she can't perform her father's school anymore. She's developped her own style for so long it's completely and utterly new. Ultimately, Ranko opens her own brothel, where she employs mostly girls who are in the same kind of situation (runaways, huge debts, orphans, etc...) May include: Ranko having sex with some of the guys from the show. Ranko having sex with (some of) the girls from the show, and convincing them of joigning her new line of work. Ranko having sex with Taro in either/both forms. Ranko taking the fathers as clients, with the fathers trying to inpregnate her... and failing. Ranko may even prefer having Genma as a panda (less disgusting in her opinion, she doesn't think he rates much as a guy). Ranko convincing Herb to "embrace" his feminity. Ranko having Happosai as a client and discovering he is too old for sex. She ends up being fondled and fingered during their sessions, and they talk a lot.
  16. Lol! ichasennin, i love Duality! Can't wait for chapter 10! On another note, i don't remember asking for translating, but rather for specific stories. Though i can understand why mods would want to move this reading the what my first reply was.
  17. Does anyone know any fic where Naruto (either permanently changed as a girl, or having to use his oiroke no jutsu) has to work in a brothel? Either as a mission, because he/she likes it, or because he doesn't have a choice? Naruto's gender in lemons must be female, even in the case he goes back to male when he's not working.
  18. Vld

    SluttyCure All-PornStar

    During the annual/semi-annual meeting during all Precure teams, they end up discussing the best way to fight darkness. Surprise, the older teams have a very interesting way of dealing with some threats. They convince the younger teams to try it. Must include: Flashbacks for first sex fights for all the teams AND all members (including one-time members like Kaoru and Michiru) up to either Heartcatch or Suite, at least. Team-ups between an older and younger team, where the olders guide the youngers through their first sex battle. Live old former enemies helping their respective teams, both for fights and for training the younger ones. Kintolesky (the best villain in the show as far as i'm concerned) is alive, maybe Mizu Shitataare as well. The two are in a relationship, which doesn't stop them from at least playing with the Splash Star. The Yes Precure 5 are all in a harem with Bunbi as the male part, but it doesn not stop them from having sex with other people. Milky Rose doesn NOT have sex with Bunbi, but she's still as slutty as the others. Former bad girls all were sexually active before becoming Cures or alliens (that includes Kaoru and Michiru, Cure Passion, Cure Beat and Regina). The talk reveals that Makopi is not only an idol but a secret porn star as well. Considering WHAT the Cures fight, there MUST be Tentacles and Bestiality. Cure Echo MUST be a part of it. All Dark Cures must be reincarnated (whether from "Yes Precure 5 or other shows) and be sexually active. Well, all except the dark copies of Tsubomi, Erika, Yuri or Itsuki since they were just a test. Several Precure sex battles being taken on camera by so-called journalist characters. Cure Echo must be in on it too. May include: other non-Cure characters getting it on.
  19. This is inspired by various Sailor Moon doujins. One of the Senshi in civilian form meets one of the Shitennou or a lone youma in a private setting, and they start a conversation about the fighting. The Shitennou or Youma reveals to whatever Senshi that they (as in, the youma forces in general) would rather not fight, but they don't have a better offer yet. In the discussion, they mention that most of the youma have a craving for sex and the energy released that way, and that it is a lot less dangerous to humans than the way they've been forced to do it previously. A Senshi meeting later, the Senshis of the time (whoever has yet to join the group, that is), decides to propose whatever youma they encounter before jumping to the killing, in order to save the youmas as well as the humans. Must have: The Senshis wondering if they could have seduced some previous youma rather than killing them. Gangbang Groupsex The Senshis fucking whatever Shitennou is NOT dead when the story starts. Mars seducing Jiji, and then Rei entering an illicit sex-related relationship with her grandfather in both forms. Naru learning about the Usagi's secret identity and deciding to help her with the sexing youma. Makoto ending in three-way relationship with either two youmas, or a youma and a shitennou. Minako ending pregnant with a youma's child, and being the most eager for anything sex-related. Tentacles and bestiality. Femslash. Even if they enter an official relationship, the Senshis keep sex-fighting. May have: Other important characters joigning the new fight (Ikuko, Kuri, Motoki's sister, etc...) Beryl being seduced by the idea and rejecting Metallia. Beryl entering a three-way relationship with Usagi and Mamoru. new hentai versions of their uniforms that change the more addicted they become to sex (make your imagination go wild). The parents are NOT happy with the Senshi's new lifestyle, whether or not they know their secret identities. Rei uses her new slutty reputation to hurt her father's political career. May have, if your story goes farther than the "Dark Kingdom" arc, and depending on what arcs you decide to follow: The Senshis seduce Eil and An, The tree tentacle-fucking at least one of the Senshis AND An. The tree wanting not just love but sex as well (An and Eil or both end up visiting Earth regularly afterwards). The Senshis discover that the Cardians (and other construct-based monsters) are immune to sex-fighting (meaning they can be fought that way, but in the end, they are forced to destroy the things). The Senshis defeat the Four sisters, Rubeus and Esmeraude through sex. The newly cleansed Rubeus comes up with the idea of opening a brothel, the sisters work there, and the Senshis work there part-time... both in civilian form and as senshis. Whatever else you do, Saphir MUST die. (It is a turning point in Dimande's life, after all). Usagi defeats Black Lady through sex before realising she's a corrupted Chibi-Usa. The future is changed big time, in the one Chibi-Usa came from, the Senshis never became sluts. Pluto at first tries to fix the future, but ends up joigning the new kind of fight. Once Uranus and Neptune join, they always work together. Moon uses sex to destroy Mistress 9 and bring Hotaru out. Chibi-Usa comes back as a Senshi, a little older-looking than normal, and is an eager learner of the new ways (she IS around 900 years old!) For later arcs, i'll let you work it out.
  20. If you have him fight Tayuya, then yeah. But depending on the when, the gender he uses for her depends. Rather, it depends on whether or not he's learned to be the guy with a girl already(he learns that while training the other girls (namely, Ino, Hinata and Tenten because i think Sakura wouldn't join THAT training immediately. Unless you decide to have Tsunade and Shizune train him during the mission to get the female sannin back). In the end, it all depends on whether or not you want him to "fight" Tayuya as a guy or as a girl. There SHOULD be a scene where he does Tsunade... and Shizune... but the how is yours to decide. I must add something, though. In the case of Sasuke, it fails the first time. Sasuke goes to Orochimaru like he did in the manga. Naruto uses sex as a means to an end, for several reasons. He's a social outcast who hasn't been told (or even explained) the social dangers of a reputation as a sex addict. Add to that, while he won't shy away from hurting or killing an opponent, he'd rather resolve things peacefully... or at the very least, not violently. And finally, there's the reason that led to this challenge: When i said Mizuki taught him, i did mean it for once. Maybe something Mizuki thought a joke, or whatever... something like, "A good ninja uses whatever weapons he has in his arsenal... and that body of yours is one HELL of a weapon". Naruto trusted the bastard at the time, and even after that, he'd at least realise that this is ONE lesson he should never forget.
  21. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3092869/1/Stranger-Than-Fiction Here it is. i hope that's the fic you're looking for.
  22. Vld

    fem naruto

    Try this one: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10723816/1/Uzumaki-Naruko-To-the-Victor-the-Spoils-V2 It is quite good, not much hentai in it but still enough and well-made. Or you can try "Duality" (http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600105666). In it, Naruto is a gender bender and loves sex as a girl.
  23. Vld

    Naruto works in a brothel

    Here's the idea. We all know Naruto wants to be Hokage, and that the Hokages consider it bad policy to ask their ninjas to do something they themselves wouldn't do. Tsunade gets on her desk an A or S-rank long-term mission for one kunoichi (at least, four max) to infiltrate a brothel having ties with some disreputable organisations. Because at the time she doesn't have enough free kunoichis (because they're on mission, pregnancy leave, too important in their specialties etc...) and having discovered Naruto's girl form is a complete and fully operational shape-shift, she is forced to ask her favorite ninja to take the mission. That's where i would cue in the "Like all Hokages before me, i would do it if i could", along with an anecdote of Minato asking Kushina to take these sorts of missions first before asking other kunoichis, but that one is not necessary. Eventually, Naruto accepts, but he needs training in the "Kunoichi-only" arts before he is sent. Thankfully the mission, while important, isn't really time-consuming. So he ends up having to change into his sexy no jutsu for a long period of time, and ends up being trained in "every aspect of the trade" by... several male and female shinobis (females who CAN'T take the mission, i'll leave the reasons why to you), possibly including, should you decide to, some of his friends or senseis. In the case he does this as his regular female form (meaning, if he doesn't disuise his girl form), that could cause troubles with some of these freinds, namely Kiba. That training could also include everything about menstruations and the ways of preventing pregnancy, and let's not forget that even if you chose to have him "experimented", as a girl he would be a virgin. Once the mission actually starts, Naruto feels bad about this because he is strongly male and heterosexual, but after working in the brothel a few months, he starts craving sex (from both males and females) to the point where he has to beat into his head that he is NOT a girl. Sometimes litterally. That's when the brothel owner thinks the "new girl" (or girls, if you send a team of Kunoichis rather than only Naruto) is ready for the more extreme scenarios. I leave to your discretion said extreme scenarios (be it gangbangs, fetichism, bestiality, summon bestiality, whatever). And you also get to chose whether Naruto decides to stay female, get back to being male, or ends up playing both sides at the end of the story. Some guidelines: 1) You can start the story from the mission's beginning, in which case, add flashbacks to the training when warranted. 2a) Naruko: Like said, even in the case Naruto has experienced sex before, as Naruko he is a virgin before the beginning of training and it's the first time he will stay as a girl for a long time. Meaning if you go through the training part, you need to adress the first EVERYTHING. First periods, first bra, how to dress like a girl, how to speak like one, first oral, first anal, loss of hymen, etc... 2b) Once "Naruko" starts enjoying "herself", HE must go through a case of denial, anger, depression and acceptance. He MUST, in the end, accept that he did enjoy himself. Whether he decides to get back to living as a boy, stay a girl, or switch genders on a regular basis. 3) The other girls, main crew. Whether or not "Naruko" takes the mission solo or as part of a kunoichi team, the other kunoichis are important. Especially those from "her" age group. And their pasts and/or views about the mission must be adressed. Here's a few tips that may or may not be followed. 3a) Hinata: As surprising as it can be, she was the first to take on that kind of mission not long after Naruto left for his three-year-long training. She worked as a high-class whore, specializing in the Noble and Very Rich and was chosen before of her high-class origins. if she ends up as part of the mission, she will be the one with the most experience and the most empathy. If she's NOT part of the mission, she ends up being majorely supportive of Naruto and gives him as many tips as she can. 3b) Ino: Where Hinata was suitable for high-class seduction, her slutty behavior made her a lot more suitable for the less reputable missions. As a result, she's gone from a fake slutty behavior to being an actual slut, if not a full-blown sex addict. Where Hinata will be helpful with accepting the situation, she will be helpful in how to please a client. On the other hand, she doesn't understand why "Naruko" can't accept her own enjoyment. 3c) Tenten: Unlike her younger fellows, she has yet to go on that kind of mission, but ulike some kunoichis, she has had the training because she accepts all parts of being a kunoichi. While she doesn't like the idea (and hence will need the help of both Ino and Hinata) she understands that kunoichi can be asked to do this kind of jobs. 3d) Sakura: The girl is sheltered, somehow. Between first being from a supposed civilian family and later being trained by Tsunade to become one of the best medics ever, that part of the job was never taught to her. Besides, her temper makes her unfit for this kind of work. No matter when she learns of it, she will blow a gasket, and later will most likely resent "Naruko" for being more of a female and kunoichi than she can be. Whether they make up in te end is your decision. 4) The other girls, additional. This considers some of the girls that are not necessary, but that i'd like to see in the story. 4a) Kushina: There's the requested anecdote from Tsunade, of course, but a possible meeting between Naruto and his echo of Kushina could be interesting. 4b) Anko and Kurenai: The two were among the shinobis, guys and girls alike, who trained "Naruko". Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. 4c) Hanabi and Moegi: I'm going with the idea that Hanabi considers herself Konohamaru's rival, but for kunoichi stuff considers Moegi a rival. If you chose to include them, the two may go through training together to try and upstage each other. Maybe become sort-of-friends in the process. You also may have them take a week-long mission at most in the brothel "Naruko" is employed. That could also lead to a major sister-talk between the Hyuugas. 5) The clients: While most of the clients will be unknown, both male and female, some must be actual known characters. Jiraya (if alive) comes to mind, and would use the excuse of "gathering information" to enjoy playing with "Naruko". If he does, Naruto and Tsunade must plan a revenge for later on. Whoever you decide is alive from the Akatsuki could come as well. Most wouldn't know about "her" real identity, and the few who do know wouldn't tell for different reasons. Itachi, unlike Jiraya, would use "visiting the brothel" to give "her" information (meaning either he would tell "her" the truth, or "she" would know before hand). They would have sex to throw off any possible spy, but that's not Itachi's drive. Tobi/Obito/Madar, whatever you'd want to call him, would do it for the kicks of it. Kind of "Not only will i get to rip the Kyuubi from him in the end, i also get to fuck "her". That's a major victory" or something like that. A lot of other shinobis would only be able to get "her" to service them once "she" gets eligible for the more extreme stuff. People like Killerbee, Kakuzu or Zetsu for exemple. 6) Absolutely NO Sasuke, Orochimaru or even Kabuto as clients. That doesn't fit with their characters, AND "Naruko" would most likely blow "her" cover. Others from Oto are possible, though. 7) Pregnancy alert. Not an obligation, but "Naruko" having a pregnancy scare could make for some great chapters. I'd rather "she" DIDN'T really end up pregnant, but again, that would be up to whoever took on my challenge to decide. As a few last words, and provided i don't add on some stuff later, the reason i'm posting this challenge is that i'm not confident i could write it myself. I can't concentrate on one character that is NOT mine for that long. I'm actually writing a major crossover, in which "Naruko" may or may not appear at some point, and i've discovered that other than my main OC, i can't focus on one character for more than one chapter in a row, which would not work here. I really hope someone thinks they're up to the task, and please, pretty please, do notice me if you manage something, if only just so i can read it.
  24. Vld

    Naruto works in a brothel

    Wow. I didn't really expect everyone to be interested in the challenge, especially after i said i wasn't confident enough with myself to pull it off. But i at least thought i would get a reaction. Like, "what the hell, man! Naruto is a boy and you want him to get fucked? Are you gay or something?" or "I bet you're a Sasuke-hater! The hell are you doing here???" Well, i gues i'll answer my own questions here. No, i'm not gay. On the other hand, i do admit, if i had a girl-form (like Ranma, Naruto, Hazumu, Natsuru and Rito, among others, do, i'd most likely be bisexual... at least as far as my girl-form was concerned. And i do not hate Sasuke either (okay, maybe i do, but that's pretty stupid since he is a fictional character). I admit, i love Sasuke-bashing stories... i also really enjoy Hinata-bashing ones, and Hinata is my favorite character. Like i said in the challenge/request, Sasuke visiting a brothel would NOT fit. Otherwise, he'd have been a lot... scratch that, a LITTLE BIT nicer to the girls hunting him. That would also bring him to light... and between Konoha ninjas trying to bring him back, and other villages hunting him (either to kill or to bring back and get the Uchiha bloodline for their village) he won't risk getting that much attention. The same with Orochimaru and Kabuto. Besides, like i said, Naruto is emotional enough about Sasuke that he would blow his cover if faced with one of the three and would try to either get the info about Sasuke, or would try to convince him to come back to Konoha. By now, you're probably thinking "if he thinks that about Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto, then why did he suggest Akatsuki becomes clients of the brothel?" Let's see... Orochimaru tried to invade Konoha... with the help of two armies. While Deidara and Sasori (who were among the weekests) managed, with just the two of them, to invade a village full of shinobi and capture its kage. People that confident in their abilities would not have a problem visiting a brothel, no matter where. In the end, i really, REALLY hope someone tries totake my challenge/request.