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  1. This is a story up for adoption.

    Fic Name: Children of Anarchy

    Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
    Pairing: Jax and Tara

    Plot: Jax and his sister, Rose grow up in the life of of the MC. Story starts off as a scene of Thomas' funeral.

    PLEASE NOTE: I have not posted it yet, I only wish to send it off to a good home.

    email me at: originalsinfanfic@gmail.com


    All Current and Future Fics of mine.

    Fandom: HP

    What I need: someone to bounce ideas off of and patch up the gaps if you find any.

    no experience necessary lucky beta will get honourable mentions every chapter. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    email me : originalsinfanfic@gmail.com


    I need a beta beta, a beta is what I need
    hey hey
    Well I need a beta beta, a beta is what I need
    Well I don't know if I'm writing on solid ground

  3. Fanfic Name: Fire and Ice

    Fandom: Harry Potter

    What I would like in a prospective beta:

    ~ to offer friendly suggestions about how to continue with the story

    ~ to possibly edit chapters before I post them

    ~ to be my awesomesauce person who generally understands the needs of the readers.

    ABOUT THE FIC: manipulated epilogue to DH Book. Harry is trying to catch a Wizard serial killer , Ginny's a cheating whore, and the kids have some adventures. James Potter II and Lily Potter II don't make an appearance in this fic. Juicy lemon scenes with Drarry. No Mpreg.

    How to Apply: If you're interested please email me at originalsinfanfic@gmail.com, give me a list of what you've beta'd in the past if you have beta'd anything or if you're a writer yourself, and an email where I can reach you for beta-ing purposes


    Original xo

  4. Hey All,

    My fic, Harry's Harem is looking for a new home.

    I will include notes on where I would like the story to go.

    Please adopt the fic, you may update and edit whatever you wish in the story AS LONG AS you provide a beautiful backstory for the OC based on the notes provided.



    Original-Sin xo


    Harry’s Harem
    NOTES FOR THE FIC1.LEMON SCENE for Ch 4. (Chapter 4 being Birthday Surprises pt 2) With the particular day for Ch 4 being Ginny’s 18th birthday, feel free to be EXTREMELY Descriptive with the lemon.  2.OC’s Backstory: NAME: Francis “Frankie” SwayzeDOB 15 April 1980Birthplace Adelaide, Australia (pureblood)Attended: The Allbright Witch Academy Brisbane Australia Came to England for a Job, met Hermione Ginny And Harry at Ron’s wake at the leaky cauldron. Dark Brown Hair bright green eyes five feet two inches tall. 
    1. Harry and Ginny Get married! Feel free to embellish
    2. Harry and Ginny Get Divorced! Get nasty with it
    3. Harry Frankie and Hermione continue in a polyamorus relationship. Self explanatory
    4. Ginny dies in qudditch accident. Make it horrible.
    1. Harry Hermione and Frankie have 5 Kids together:

    Ronald Remus Swayze-Potter,

    Rose Nymphadora Granger-Potter

    Leonardo James Potter

    Fiona Lily Swayze

    Luna Jean Granger

  5. Hi Arianna,

    I am still comfortable with adopting Fire and Ice, I have several plans that I want to flesh out.

    I will update as regularly as I can, and my sister has told me she'l be my beta as she lives with me so I only have half a house to go for her.

    If I can I will stick to the original line of writing as much as I can as I don't want a huge deviation that will disrupt the flow of the story.