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    Not the Stock in Stockholm, Reviews & Etc

    Chapter 2: Fiancé be damned First off, thank you to all those that are reading my story. It means a lot to me! Thank you to everyone who reviews, because it keeps me going! Here are Chapter 2 review replies, as I'm putting up Chapter 3 right now! Aduial: I was pleased with how the flashback turned out. I had to decide how I wanted to write the scene and once I did, it worked out well! I only work two days at my second job this week so I was able to work on the story more! It's so much fun lol. I'm so glad you're with me. Hugs!! Celestialuna: Thanks for dropping in! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. It will get (hopefully lol) more and more interesting as things move along. angela: I never thought I'd name a character Vannor but he actually ends up with a slightly different name (oh hinthint). Every time I type his name I get more used to it though. Anyways, yes he and Jerias are going to be an tough pair. staar: Heck yeah! I almost feel like he didn't throw enough of a fit in chapter 3 xD But once we get to the actual wedding there is one and more fighting afterwards. He's boo-boos aren't too bad, I promise. Oh2Bwriting: I just got sidetracked with your story lol. I always check out author profiles when someone reviews and I'm liking your story so far! I hope to keep you interested. Thanks for R&Ring! L.S: The tailor does not appreciate a fussy client! But methinks Vannor has the right to be fussy, no? Thanks so much for reviewing again!! Here we go with chapter 3!
  2. Hello everyone, MiriuOniaya here. Just Aya is fine though~ I will be replying to reviews for the story Not the Stock in Stockholm, found here; http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107280 Summary: "A storm brewed in grey depths as Vannor stared at the person who'd taken him from his home. He would not give in. He would not back down. Custom and soon law would keep him here, but he didn't have to play nice." A/N: Sometimes I get tired of reading fics where the bottom / uke / shorter / weaker / younger / whatever else person ends up kidnapped or forced into mating or marriage or blackmailed and then in the end is all I LOVE YOU. I don't mean to say they're poorly written fics or bad ideas, they just don't appeal to me as much. The initial inspiration behind this story was exactly what the title says. Not the Stock in Stockholm. As in livestock, or treating people like possessions instead of as an individual. I wanted to create a forced situation and then have the main character fight like hell. Chapter 1: Not a Stranger MissChaotic: Thank you! Mythological is just a word I plucked out, the world is a random one with no connection to ours and I haven't named all the countries and cities and whatnot lol. But the creative freedom that comes with it is very nice. I will admit that many of the names have a Elven influence. Aduial: !!!! I can't put into words how happy I am that your reading this! I haven't been that active as a writer until lately and I enjoy it so much. I'm glad that I've improved xD I almost don't like looking back through my old old stuff, though I still love my characters and stories. I know!! I wish AFF had a way to subscribe. It would be so helpful. I'm actually thinking of uploading some of my stuff on FictionPress, so look out! I have the same username there. Franz: I am glad you're liking things so far. It's very inspiring to log on and see that I even have one more review. Thanks for taking the time and i hope you stick around! snowleopard: Thanks! I'd recommend Praying to the Porcelain God and my prompt-related oneshots, as they're all semi recent and the writing is better than my older stuff IMO. But I'm excited to have a new reader read anything of mine! Hopefully I keep ya hooked! L.S: I'm honestly as excited as you! I've been filling in background information on the city/world and the ways of the Mirans, etc. This is still very much a WIP for me and I don't usually write clashing personalities. But I'm challenging myself to do so this time! staar: Oh Mir is definitely going to have his hands full. Sometimes randomly during the day I think up something else that Vannor does to make things difficult. I'm going to try and keep the update train going steady. Thanks for reading! angela: I intend for Jerias to be a little selfish and thick headed about Vannor not liking him. I haven't yet decided to what degree, but I'm going to try and make it as interesting as possible! sabaku_lotus: It's people that take the time to review that encourage me to keep going! I really like this story and would love to finish it. Thank you for checking it out!~