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    Paul just turned 16 in June.  His friend, Kevin, who's 10 years older than him, just married Tracy, in September.  Tracy and Kevin  know Paul is 'interested' but they shrug it off as a teen crush.  Over the next three years, Paul’s obsession goes from a simple fuck fantasy to a brutal, dark and sadistic.  Tracy suspects and tries to tell Kevin, but he insists it’s a teenage crush and he’ll grow out of it.  When Paul is about to turn 19, he decides kidnapping and torturing Tracy to death would be a good birthday present for himself. 

    Paul is 5'10" dark red hair, green eyes, fairly good looking, manipulative, martial arts trained. 

    Tracy is 5'7" dark blonde blue eyes, beautiful smile,(Paul thinks Tracy is gorgeous) mother of twins say 3 year old. 
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    Just sayin...

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    Exactly. The author is using his/her skills to provide entertainment free of charge, and all that the person is asking in return is that you leave a comment or two at the end. To me that seems like a fair trade.