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  1. Kathleen and Emily are sisters. Paul likes Kathleen. Emily likes Paul. Kathleen loves her sister. Poor Paul. So ya it's a pretty weird request (for me). Kathleen is manipulated by her younger sister Emily to allow Emily to have her boyfriend Paul and do whatever she wants to him. Emily's sadistic side shines through.
  2. archon


    The article doesn’t seem to fit Tracy, or maybe I just don’t get it. It’s a fantasy I’ve had for a couple of years now. Expand the family as you see fit.
  3. archon


    Paul just turned 16 in June. His friend, Kevin, who's 10 years older than him, just married Tracy, in September. Tracy and Kevin know Paul is 'interested' but they shrug it off as a teen crush. Over the next three years, Paul’s obsession goes from a simple fuck fantasy to a brutal, dark and sadistic. Tracy suspects and tries to tell Kevin, but he insists it’s a teenage crush and he’ll grow out of it. When Paul is about to turn 19, he decides kidnapping and torturing Tracy to death would be a good birthday present for himself. Paul is 5'10" dark red hair, green eyes, fairly good looking, manipulative, martial arts trained. Tracy is 5'7" dark blonde blue eyes, beautiful smile,(Paul thinks Tracy is gorgeous) mother of twins say 3 year old.
  4. archon

    Josh loves Shannon

    Josh loves Shannon. Even when she was with another guy. She broke up with him and Josh pounced. The 5'9" brunette with blue eyes that he's wanted for years, is now his. They get pregnant, so Josh marries her quickly so their conservative church attending families will think they waited until they were married first. They have a little girl named Brynn. A few years later, when Brynn is 4 or 5 Josh decides he doesn't really want to be with Shannon after all. If he divorces her, she gets half of everything (damn pre nup), but if Shannon's dead, not only does he keep everything and not have to share custody of Brynn, but he gets the million dollar life insurance on Shannon.
  5. archon

    Draconian Law

    Draconian Law replay thread. Link below:
  6. archon

    philosophical question I suppose

    I always go by physical age. A vampire who looks 14 but is 114 is not the same as a 14 year old boy.
  7. Sorry There’s the link to the story Never done this which page/forum/section/whatever do I find a reply thread. I’m so internet illiterate.
  8. The Draconian Law. I posted the prologue and a bit of the first chapter. if that’s what you want, I`ll keep going.
  9. Just to confirm, the daughters are taught and trained to be slaves, not actually used until their 18th birthday? I don’t do stories about underage kids. It’s kinda’’ a deal breaker for me. But 18 or 19 I can work with.
  10. I’d like to do it but I have several projects on the go, so if I take it, it will be sporadic. If that’s okay then you have an author.
  11. archon

    Don't know

    Ok. That’s unfortunate, but I think I understand the rationale for the rules being as they are. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. archon

    Don't know

    So, I issued a challenge on another site and the author did a good job, It was a challenge I posted here a few years back called Criminal’s Revenge’. He’s given me written permission to post it on other sites, provided of course i give him credit. Am I allowed to post their work? If not could you point me to the rules concerning that? I hunted through the rules but I couldn’t find anything about that. Thanks in advance.
  13. archon

    New request

    Ben died a year ago. His wife, Megan(Meg for short) is back on the bar scene. A guy picks her up. She agrees to go back with him to his place. How is she to know she was picked up by a serial killer? Meg 23 years old 5'7". Dark brown hair and eyes. taught stomach, tight ass, and, despite having a kid, tight pussy.
  14. A new fantasy that popped into my head. "Curtis" (aged 36) fantasizes about doing his friend, Dave's wife, Jennifer(aged 44) in a sauna. Then he sees Jennifer at a pool party or runs into her at the beach or some reason sees her in her bathing suit. "Jennifer" is 6' 2" short dark hair reaching to her shoulders, tight ass, taut belly, perky breasts. She wears a blue one piece. Curtis gives Jennifer a birthday gift, she'll never forget. After the rape, Jennifer admits to Curtis she liked it, and they hook up for (rough) sex whenever they can. Curtis is 5' 11" reddish brown hair, blue green eyes.
  15. archon

    Melanie's Torment

    Anyone willing to take me up on this challenge, PM me and give me a challenge and what you would like to see.