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    FF8 Rinoa/Everyone

    Anyone interested in possibly doing an idea that was bounced around by a few people but never got any further,was based on dislike of S/R and the lack of R/anyone else story's for FF8 fanfiction Setting takes place sometime after the game Rinoa & Squall are married and Squall is currently on a long term undercover mission,and after long absence without squall and with her sorceress powers significantly increasing her sex drive Rinoa asks Dr. Kadowaki for help Unfortunately for Rinoa not only can Dr. Kadowaki not help(aside from offering a discreet room with one of the nurses) but Dr. Kadowaki decides to leak Rinoa's situation(for her own good as she see it) to many in garden prompting a competition to see who can take advantage of the situation to bed the Raven Haired beauty before Squall returns Would be interested in any pairings involving Rinoa and any of the main/other/OC characters would be particularity interested in a Rinoa/Irvine chapter Would be great if anyone would be interested in picking this up if so feel free to change whatever you want