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    DevilPS's Pixiv Works. Sharing 3d works and dialogue less doujin that is so heavily ass related featuring gals in high heel boots. Enjoy.
  2. DevilPS

    Resident Evil: Claire's Hospital Visit

    Like I said, do take some creative liberties. While I kinda like it to be sorta in line with what's seen, I do encourage anyone to take their own spins on this. Thank you for taking the time to look into this. Do I take commissions? Um, not exactly on my 3d works but if you got an idea, I can only hope I have the means to do so. PM me if you like regarding that.
  3. Claire Redfield's investigation of a supposedly abandoned hospital quickly goes south as she encounters a fiendish creature with an interest towards her ass. More like requesting of an adaptation of a 3d comic I did. While I would like it to be somewhat faithful, I'm free to hear potential creative liberties! The comic itself (in parts)
  4. Hmmm, sorry for the sudden post but thinking bout this. To those who are interested, what would you like to see in this idea? While I have mentioned a bit of what I see, I like to know how anyone interested would like to do? like say I'm willing to go all the way of any actions with this idea?
  5. Her name is Miharu and I'm fine with it being graphic (like say her ass is gaped open by the reaming or scratches) but not anything that would be too extreme like outright guro I guess. As for the ending, I'd say he keeps her as a sex slave of sorts. Thank you!
  6. I guess this would a strange request but I'm giving it a shot. This Demon Huntress character of mine is captured by a demon of anyone's choice (succubus, minotaur, anything goes) where she is defiant on any sort of torture. ...Except for the fact she has a rather strong aversion to anal sex....Which the demon decides to take full advantage of changing that to making her an ass slut of sorts. Anything can be used such as anal sex, toys, even enemas if needed. Anyone who is interested, PM me or respond to the thread. Thank you!