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  1. Ollivander2

    looking for stories

    I'm also looking for a story in saw here. I don't remember what it was called but it started off harry/petunia where she would use harry during the day, then it became harry/Andromeda who was a teacher at his primary school, then harry/Narcissa who enjoyed using toys on harry who was like 8 I think when everything was happening. It is a very kinky story and has some non standard fetishes.
  2. Ollivander2

    harry/hermione PWP

    Yes that's it thank you
  3. Ollivander2

    harry/hermione PWP

    I read a story a while a go that was harry/Hermione smut with the devils snare from the stone traps in first year. I was rewatching the movie and remembered the story and now I want to read it again but forgot wat it was called and she to find it
  4. Ollivander2

    Incest or Incestual feelings

    The story 'siblings' under the harry/Hermione sub cat meets ur criteria
  5. Ollivander2

    looking for stories

    thank you Rachel and lissa i wasnt saying they did just putting that out there for other ppl when they reply
  6. Ollivander2

    looking for stories

    thanks to both of you. while I have already read all the megamatt stories that had pairings i liked, the others i havent fully explored. I didnt mention this before but I dont like cross overs. thank you anyways lissa for trying to help, i appreciate it.
  7. I know there is a bunch of Ron/pansy stories on page 7 I think of the het category for HP, though idk if they would be wat u want since I personally didn't read them I just saw them when I was looking for stories that aren't of any pairing they have a sub category for. A d if u would allow me a moment to rant about those (sorry about doing this in ur thread it is just such a perfect opening to do so), y is there a sub category for stories that don't even have a story in them but pairings that have a lot of stories can't get a sub category, I mean james /hooch has 2 stories and I saw at least 7 Ron/pansy stories in the 10 pages I searched through. Again sorry for ranting in ur thread but I did genuinely want to help u so I will keep an eye out for things u might like when im searching.
  8. Ollivander2

    looking for stories

    Hi I'm not actually trying to remember a story, which is what I think this section is for. I am actually looking for new stories, or at least ones I haven't read yet, that are of certain pairings. Besides the pairing I'm not resistant to anything else concerning content. The pairings are Harry/Lily Evans Potter Harry/Lily Luna Potter Harry/ Daphne Greengrass Harry/Fleur Delacour (I think that is spelled wrong, also before or after marriage to bill) Harry/Rose Weasley Harry/Hedwig ('mad snorkacks and Englishmen' put this one in my head. Prefer it if she is animagus) That's all I am looking for now. Harem or multi five are OK as long as it isn't M/M at any point. F/F is OK females doing things to Harry's butt is OK and idk if there are any out there but futa stories with any of these would also be OK especially if its a M/F/F pairing with a futa. Thank you in advance if anyone can post a link on here. If not my AFF author page has my email send it that way.
  9. Ollivander2

    Harry Potter and the Potion of Inhibitions review reply thread

    hey guys if anyone is reading this forum or my story just wanted to let u know that i am taking some time off from the story sorry guys but my classes are getting harder and i have to write a paper for all of them of atleast 6 pages each so hopefully i will have time to work on chapter 4 and get it up at some time in the future. once the semester ends i should hopefully be able to get a chapter up once a week but im not promising anything. hope u guys have enjoyed my writing so far and i hope u will continue to read it once i get the new chapters up also if anyone comes across this by accident here is the link to the story http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097448
  10. Ollivander2

    Harry Potter and the Potion of Inhibitions review reply thread

    jhh thank you for the enthusiastic review, its good to know that even with the story smell of submission above mine i can still get readers.
  11. Ollivander2

    Harry Potter and the Potion of Inhibitions review reply thread

    to start with Emily: interesting suggestion and i have been reading other stories in this area and saw that u have made similar suggestions to another author, like Wildkitsune i am leaving the size to people's imagination after all what is erotica without an imagination to see it play out in one's head like a movie. however, maybe luna's mom did research in enlargement and luna found her moms notes on it and brings that to the party, but i have decided to not introduce luna anytime in the next few chapters (maybe christmas when harry went to the burrow).
  12. this thread is to allow me to reply to reviews i get while i am working on the next chapter in the story. it will also allow my readers (probably anyone reading this) to communicate with each other better.