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    Can you do a Kai x random oc lemon? owo
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    Salya got a reaction from Lucy Ash Hawthorne in looking for a 1x1 rp or a few 1x1 rps   
    Ok first of, I'm trying to get back into role-playing. I stopped for a few mouths after my friend stopped getting online. Well she's getting back online and I want to get back into role-playing interesting things. xD
    Here are all of the original pairings that I want to do. I'm into fandabbed canon x oc pairings but I only want to rp original on here. xD
    The bold text are characters that I want to play as.
    Futa x Girl Futa sister x her twin sister Fox demon female x a human male or fox male
    Half vampire female x full vampire male Half Vampire guy x Normal girl Orphan guy x rich girl
    Neko male x lonely girl
    Goth male x cute male
    Fox male x Nine tail fox male
    Wolf demon male x Fox demon female vampire guy x living doll girl Loner female x goth male
    Witch x normal male
    Witch x fox demon male
    Fox demon male x human or half breed female
    Mermaid x prince
    Singer sister x Little Brother Big sister x Little brother or twin brother Princess x her prince
    Ageless witch x mystic male animals with human forms. (If you want the character's profile for this one, let me know)
    Rich and cute male x goth male
    Shy cat demon x vampire or human male or female.
    Half Vampire guy x Normal girl
    Cross-dressing male x rich/goth girl
    Cute male x cross-dresser male Neko male x human girl (I will play any role) Half-angel female x Angel male or Demon male
    Goddess of Death x any kind of guy - demon,angel, fallen angel, human, else Goddess of Death x God of Light (who happens to be her twin)
    Fallen Angel male x Human female
    White wolf female x black wolf or human male I can do sexual rps but only if they have a plot behind them. I only do F/M, M/F/M and M/M. I will also do Shota. I will rp in a forum, on yahoo messager or in e-mails. Also I might add more pairing at any time since I really love fantasy pairings as well as normal pairings. Oh, If anyone is ok with Canon x Oc, just let me know and I'll edit this post and add all of the fandabbed pairing that I'm willing to do. A few are CanonxCanon but it's yaoi. XD like SoraRiku or SoraRoxas. Another thing, the ocs will be mine and they all know of the guy that they will be paired with... ok I do have male ocs paired with female canons but they are only for 2 final fantasy games. >w> Anyways, I'm shuting up now. Just reply here or message me, if you are willing to try rping one of the pairings listed. ^^