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    Thank you for loving me

    Discription: Suffering from a terrible and humiliating heartbreak, Naruto found love in more than just one lover I'm sorry I'm not that good in discriptions Um...Hello I'm a new author, NaruHaremFan, and also kind of new to this so I don't know if I'm doing this right, or not, but I just posted a story called "Thank you for loving me". It's a NarutoxHarem fic in an AU in high school. I only posted one chapter that involves NarutoxHinata, and I just want to know what everyone thinks. If others seem to like it I'll gladly continue, if not then I'll just delete it. There will be other girls involved like Samui and so on, and I've had a couple of reviews where one of them asked if there will be Yuri scenes that I will say "yes there are". Thank you for your time.