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  1. Both stories are Slash and Mpreg. Both have the pairing of Snape/Lupin as the main pairing Both are R-rated 1- It has been three years since Black fell into a coma, all the while Lupin was faithful to his boyfriend despite his growing attraction to Snape. One drunken night, however, he gives into temptation and sleeps with the Potions Master. A week later, Black wakes up, but the damage has already happened. Snape is pregnant with Lupin’s child. 2- After the war, Snape survives Nagini’s bite, but falls into a coma for four months, During this time, a shocking secret is revealed to Lupin and many others. The Potions Master has a seventeen years old son living in France. Many questions arise among the staff and students when Edward Snape arrives at Hogwarts to take care of his ill father and protect him from those who wronged him in the past, especially from Lupin who was hoping to confess his long and growing feelings of love to the Potions Master. Meanwhile, someone is determined to seek revenge on the acquitted Potions Master and his son despite the fact that he was cleared of all charges and was declared a war hero. Please, PM if you are interested or send me an email on miss_hm@yahoo.com
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    Looking for a Beta for HP fic

    I'd like to have a beta for my HP fic. It's slash, Mpreg, AU with Snape/Lupin as the main pairing. It will contain some adult situations, mention of torture and some insults. The summary basically Lupin and Snape are in love with each other but since Lupin is officially Black's boyfriend, they can't be together. Black is in coma for almost 4 years and Lupin is feeling lonely. one night, dead drunk, Snape and Lupin slept with each other and Snape got pregnant. Lot of misunderstood situations lead the two lovers apart... I'd like the beta to look mainly for grammer and structural mistakes, use of words and terms, Britpickers and the flow of the story. I may ask their opinions about including or removing or changing some events in the story and so but it won't be that much. Now, the first part of the fic is already beta-ed by another but she's busy now and won't able to continue with me. if you are interested, please contact me privately. thank you