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  1. DanniiGirl

    Looking for a teen wolf fic

    I’m looking for a fic where Werewolves are known and Derek runs some big company that does something or other and needs someone to look after his kids, twins I think. He hires stiles for the summer, I think Stiles has college in the fall. Kate is the kids mum, but shes not allowed to see them, a restraining order I think, one day she turns up at the house. Also I think either Lydia or Erica is Derek’s assistant. oh, and naturally Stiles and Derek fall in love.
  2. DanniiGirl

    Lily Evans bashing recs

    Looking for rec where Lily Evans isn’t the best thing since sliced bread (i.e Snape, James Potter, Slughorn obsessed with how amazing she is) I’ve read a few fics where Harry goes back in time incognito and doesn’t get along with her, a really good one where Snape goes back in time and becomes disenchanted when he realizes that he’s not in love with her but the idea of her, etc. I’m looking for more stories like that, preferably on fanfiction.net or Ao3.org. (Doesn’t have to be time travel either) On another topic, any stories where Harry really, really, really hates being constantly compared to his parents in everything he is or does and isn’t obsesses with any scrap of information he can get about them would be nice.I just think being told that they were worthless drunks for eleven years would build up either resentment or complete disinterest for Harry but in cannon and in fanon Harry seems intent on becoming ‘just like his parents’ i.e quidditch team, auror, married to red head with anger issues. It gets a but repetitive.
  3. DanniiGirl

    Looking for a SG-1 fic

    I’m looking fir a story I read a while ago, either on ff.net or Ao3.org. The whole world knows about the Stargate project and SG-1 are seen as heroes, for some reason Daniel either quits or needs some time off so he leaves and a barista in an airport recognizes him (turns out to be an archaeology student or something) and Daniel gives him his e-mail so he can look over his thesis. At some point Daniel goes on a shopping spree, and I think Paul Davis turns up? apparently they’re friends. I think Jack upset Daniel or insulted him in someway at the beginning because Daniel takes measures so that he can’t be contacted by Jack. That’s all I remember, please help.
  4. DanniiGirl

    Deadliest catch

    Fanfiction.net and Ao3.org have deadliest catch fics if you want to read some.
  5. DanniiGirl

    Dueling competition recs

    It’s mentioned in the books that Flitwick was a champion duelist, and it’s even mentioned in the chamber of secrets during the Lockheart dueling class. but I’ve only read one or two stories where Harry gets involved in something like that, you’d think it would be great training, especially for Harry who is great at DADA, so anyone know any good stories where Harry gets into the dueling circuit? I’d prefer longer stories >10.000 words, and I don’t mind WIP’s
  6. DanniiGirl

    searching for an avengers fic.

    I know it is on Ao3.org Asgard comes and conquers earth and Loki and Thor are the figure heads of the invasion and they take a liking to some of the avengers (i cant remember which) and keep them as slaves/war prizes. I THINK that it was Loki/Tony and Thor/Natasha but I can’t be sure. Also it was definitely over 10.000 words.
  7. DanniiGirl

    Arranged Marriage Harry/?

    https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10145048/1/Gaining-Freedom-Losing-Innocence that one is a Harry Potter/Theodore Nott marriage contract https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9884704/1/Riddle-And-The-Ancient-Contract this is a brilliant one if you don’t mind fem!Harry. Harriet/Tom Riddle https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7501553/1/Turning-Tides this one isn’t strictly a marriage contract fic, but if you like the idea of a political!Harry being courted by and OMC (Blaise Zabini’s dad) then this is a great fic.
  8. DanniiGirl

    Divination recs

    Thanks for the recommendation, but I have read that one before. The one I described is called discovering magic on fanfic.net it hasn’t been updated in a long time but I can always hope. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8342163/1/Discovering-Magic
  9. DanniiGirl

    Divination recs

    Hi, I’m looking for fics where Harry takes Divination seriously or is a seer/psychic, etc. There are so many fics where Harry basically wastes a couple of hours a week during divination and I’d just like to read a few where it is a more serious subject and less ‘woolly’. example, I read a story where Harry talks to either Bill or Charlie Weasley and they point out that unless he focuses his magic and mind on the subject he will never get any results and as a result of that he starts to do better at the divination, musch to Ron’s bafflement. stories on fanfiction.net and ao3.org are preferred also no drabbles or one shots please I hate getting exited for a story just to discover that it is super short and undeveloped.
  10. DanniiGirl

    searching for a HP/LV story, I read once

    thank you so much, it was driving me crazy
  11. I think it was on ff.net but could be ao3.org Harry somehow gets pregnant with Voldemorts baby and he tells the Order he had to leave, and gets a house to hide in, he had a girl called Wynter and Voldemort finds them and slowly earns Harry’s trust. there’s some sort of magic pulling them together I think, and at one point one of the death eaters stumbles upon harry when he follows Ron and Hermione on one of their visits and sets fire to the house but Voldemort saves harry and Wynter in time. Also Ron and Hermione are convinced that Harry is dating some wizard from the nearby village and tease Harry about it.
  12. DanniiGirl

    Teacher Harry

    https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2114791/1/Ghost-of-a-Memory HPSS. After killing Voldemort, Harry leaves the wizarding world for a few years before joining the university under a different name. Now he returns to teach at Hogwarts. COMPLETE!
  13. DanniiGirl

    Looking for and old Draco/Harry fanfic

    I love that story! it’s on fanfiction.net. ‘Love finds a way, where wolves fear to prey’ by SecretAnimosity https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8546614/1/Love-Finds-A-Way-Where-Wolves-Fear-To-Prey
  14. DanniiGirl

    Looking for a Tony/Loki story that I read before

    Ha! I found it myself (it was saved in my favorites of ff.net) here it is for anybody that is interested: Philosophy of Possession by Untold Story https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8500546
  15. DanniiGirl

    Dark, slytherin, powerful harry

    It’s https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8195669/1/The-Rise-of-a-Dark-Lord which is a great story by little.miss.xanda I have loads of hers in my faves, the boggart scene you described is in ch.10 also it can be found on Ao3 if you prefer that http://archiveofourown.org/works/517540 enjoy.