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    Anyone up for a complete crack!fic? ... Anyone?

    Challenge Accept Give meh 1 week and you shall have your Crack fic, May the god Kira forgive my obstinate soul for what I am about to do. But Im only doing 1 chapter Let it be stated for the record I do not approve of animal slaughter. Only fictional animal slaughter.
  2. Author: VirtualVampire Title: Unrestrained Struggle Summary: Lezard Valeth faces his greatest test of all, conquering the Valkyrie of his dreams mind, body, and soul. Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism, I must have it now! Fandom: Valkyrie Profile Pairing: Lezard Valeth / Lenneth Valkyrie Warnings: D/s, H/C, M/F, MCD, RapeFic, Violence, WIP URL: http://tinyurl.com/UnrestrainedStruggle An obsessed Genius casts aside mortality for his Love... A Goddess whose wings hold the fate of the entire world... The will of two Souls shall cross the divine of Eternity.... And the struggle between good & evil shall soon end. Whose Will shall Prevail? Virtual Vampire presents Valkyire Profile: Unrestrained Struggle *Coming Soon to AFF corner near you*
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    Arigato Evil Oedipal Lady Wench san
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    Question. Can the only story we promote be completed stories?