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  1. I feel the freeze seeping into my bones & making its way to my core....when will summer be back too thaw it away?

  2. Ryane_Foxx_

    Harry Potter Help

    this actually sounds really awesome & I'm a total HP addict so i'd like to talk with you about it & see if we could work something out. If anything, i'd love to just help out! Email me: ryane.foxx@yahoo.com
  3. One more final...then I can work on getting rid of my writer's block -.- If only it were that easy

  4. Wondering how long I can put off studying for finals...

  5. Needing sleep but must finish projects...

  6. Wondering if my eyes will fall out if I look into the computer screen any longer...

  7. Hiya, I've been writing for a long time but finally gained the courage to start posting my work Author: Ryane_Foxx_ Title: Knowing The Real You Summary: Never had to write one before o.o Xander feels useless because of how he's treated, Spike is miserable because Buffy is ruining all he could truly want. What happens when they both realize they know who they are because of one another? Feedback: Any kind of comments are welcome, I prefer honesty about all else. If you don't like the story, well then you don't : Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pairing: Spike(William)/Xander [for now] Warnings: Abuse,Anal,Angst,Bi,B-Mod,BP,Fingering,H/C,HJ,M/M,Nec,Oral,Rim,SH,Solo,TF,Violence NO LONGER UP, TAKEN DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE TO BE EDITED!
  8. Ryane_Foxx_

    Tomoe2005's FanFiction Writer's Meme

    1. I'm at 21 year old mother with one daughter I'm going to school to be an MT & my body shows my love for ink & metal 2. My friend did actually. First thing I ever read was a Sess/Miro 3. I mainly write M/M but I do enjoy F/F with the occasional M/F of all kinds in either category 4. I have the tendency to do either really, just depends on my mood & what's going on at the time 5. I've written many but I've only posted the one so far & it's in progress at the moment 6. I have to say I'm pretty proud of the one I've started posting 7. I believe it honestly depends on the day & your mood; plus the fandom or characters you're choosing to use at the time 8. I would have to say Kurama/Yusuke just because of their personalites & the many different ways they could fit together 9. Not so much, at least not right now 10. I had a HP addicition for about 9 months 11. FMA. It's been a long time.... 12. Sessh/Inu. I just love the way they are in the story line & the many different ways people put them together. I'm not too big on angst but I just love them together. 13. Scattered. I'll try anything once & even try to incorporate new ideas & styles into my writing 14. I read ficition at least once a day & I perfer M/M 15. I've been nervous about writing a good BDSM even thoughi do know a lot about it 16. I'll take anything you have to say to me in stride. Honesty is the best thing in a person & I could care less if you dislike something I write; no one is making you read it 17. Lots & Lots of Music 18. Just about anything can inspire me. Once, a rock did XD 19. I've written so many different pairings & so many different stories; finshing & unfinished that I just felt like I should finally get some peoples opinion on what I'm doing 20. I dont reallly have anyone to tag yet
  9. Ryane_Foxx_


    Hmm, I might be interested. Email or PM me, I'd like to ask some questions before doing so on what you might be looking for ) ryane.foxx@yahoo.com
  10. Ryane_Foxx_

    Looking for Harry Potter Partner

    ) Hey, this sounds pretty interesting & I've been dying to RP. If you're still interested in doing this, hit me back up & we'll see if we can work something out, maybe?? PM me or ryane.foxx@yahoo.com
  11. Ryane_Foxx_

    Need a Good Hardcore and open minded Yaoi writer.

    I'm cool with writing any kind of yaoi & would be willing to toss around ideas if you're interested. Just email me & you can find out for yourself if my writing is good enough ryane.foxx@yahoo.com