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    The Dark Crystal movie category

    Thank you.
  2. Why is The Dark Crystal under misplaced stories in the movie genre? From what I remember, the Dark Crystal uses puppets, and not animation for its media. So it would be a movie and not a cartoon, right? Plus, I'm still working on some Dark Crystal fanfics as well.
  3. Hello, Just letting you know, I'm looking for people to translate my stories in other languages. So far, I've been taking up Norwegian, Swedish and Danish languages, and I might need help translating my stories into those three Scandinavian languages. Other languages (if you're all up to it) I prefer my stories to be translated in are Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian and German. I just want to broaden my horizons and reach out to my foreign fans, who have a hard time understanding my English works. If someone is up to it, please send me a note or two. Thank you for your time.
  4. Lord-of-Altair

    Where Are The Movie Fanfiction Writers?

    I'm a Dark Crystal fanfic writer, however, my Dark Crystal fanfics are not for the squeamish nor the faint of heart. And yes, they involve the Skeksis. I know the Skeksis aren't generic pretty boys, but they need more attention, plus, think of all the possibilities and perverted things the Skeksis can be capable of.
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    The first in my Dark Crystal AU series

    Here is the first entry in my Dark Crystal AU/X-over series: http://movies.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600094393 Just letting you know, it's not perfect. I'm STILL trying to look for a beta reader and the such, but I'm not giving up on the story. Tell me what you think (be polite about out it, NO FLAMEWARS!).
  6. Fandom: The Dark Crystal What to expect PLOTWISE: It's an AU crossover with The Dark Crystal and my original universe "The Realms of Alerfa". It's basically about when my Alerfa character Mayarie met Emperor SkekSo of the Skeksis. It's set in the world of Dragnar, which is one of the realms of Alerfa itself. What to expect EROTICALLY: M/F pairing, monster sex, non-human creatures and some blood and gore. If you can stomach a lemon involving the Skeksis, welcome aboard. My fanfic is definetely NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH nor the faint of heart. I hold no punches with my story and if you could stomach it, welcome aboard! My files are in ODT format and if someone can hadle ODT format files, I'll be happy to work with you. Send me a PM with an email and such, and I'll hopefully be set to go.
  7. Here's the main "villain protagonist" of my first Dark Crystal of Dragnar story. Name of character: Princess Mayarie (Dark Crystal of Dragnar version) Race of character: Dragonite (Dragon person) Age of character: 18 (human reckoning) 48 (dragon years) Height of character: 5'9” Weight of character: She's not telling Brief background of character: Princess Mayarie is from a series of crossovers of the Dark Crystal and My Original universe known as “Realms of Alerfa” series. Her mother died of a terminal illness when she was a baby. Other than that, Mayarie usually lives a happy life with her father Lord Basarla, her best friend and royal retainer Bianca Palazzo and the others of the Palazzo family. Character's position or job: Princess (later Empress) Strengths/Skills: She's skilled at light magic, can transform into a dragon, good at weapon play Are these skills typical of the fandom? If not, why?: Yes because it's a crossover fic set in my original world, not the movie world. Weaknesses/Bad habits: Is short tempered, gets sick rather easily, gets aggressive and violent when enraged, paranoid, overly emotional. Distinctive features, if any: Horns, dragon wings Are these features unique in the fandom? If so, why?: They're actually pretty normal in my Original universe, since Dragnar is a world full of dragon and phoenix people. Connections to canon characters (if any): She's the Skeksis Empress. How does your character get on with those around him/her?: Is kind and politer to her allies and friends. Gets real hostile ans somewhat sadistic to enemy forces. What does the other characters think of your character when they met her/him?: Only two other Skeksis show interest in her. Other Skeksis are neutral, indifferent or dislike Mayarie in general. So either people are friends with her or her enemy, and no, it's not because of something trivial either. There is a reason why Mayarie has enemies as well as friends.
  8. Lord-of-Altair

    Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    I don't hate Mary Sues....I DESPISE THEM! I don't know if you know this, but I'm rewriting a series of old Dark Crystal fanfics I posted under a alternate defunct account many years ago. It was called “Ajari Chronicals: Birth”. It was a request/challenge fic by some of my ex-friends who were fans of both The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. They wanted me to write a Dark Crystal fanfic where the Skeksis and Ur-Ru mystics were originally pretty boys transformed into monsters and seek help from the locals to become “young and beautiful” again. I finished this old story, and was none too pleased with it. Even if it wasn't a request for ex-friends back in the days, I still found problems with it. The original heroine was a Mary Sue, the “love at first sight” story, the “Romeo and Juliet” rip off story and the perfect little Mary Sue baby being born. It was like the Twilight before Twilight and I was disgusted with myself (it was written when I just got out of high school, when I was a novice at fanfic writing). In my re-write there are NO PRETTY BOY SKEKSIS NOR UR-RU! I'm writing them the way they were created. If you don't like it, that's TOO BAD. I'm writing this for the true fans who appreciate the characters for who they are and not what they wished them to be. And the heroine/villainess won't try to reform the Skeksis and make them good like in my original story. In fact, she is just as warped and twisted as the Skeksis themselves. (BTW, it's a crossover with my original universe, so it's more like an Alternate Universe type of story).