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  1. Topic Title- Naruto: Chained to the Whirlpool Rewrite Topic Description: Up for adoption//Adopted by Yami-Iko-Kami Post:Gravemind Chained to the Whirlpool Rewrite Naruto > Het-Male/Female Naruto/Sakura Summary: Everybody knows how Naruto and Sakura act toward each other. He loves her and she hates him but what if things were different and a certain blonde is going to get sucked into a world of pain and pleasure. 15 Chapters Ino learns that because of an incident with the Kyuubi Sakura has become Naruto's slave and now she will be trained to be his next slave. (Basic plot along with any additional details you are interested in including, keeping in mind that if you include possible spoilers this is an open forum)How you would like to be contacted, PM is fine. Adopting Author: Yami-Iko-Kami - I authorize Yami-Iko-Kami to adopt this story.
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    Chained to the Whirlpool Mixed with Pactio!

    Hey, I know it has been a while since the last post but as the creator of chained, I just wanted to say I wouldn't mind any takers if somebody wanted to combine the two ideas. If you don't believe this is the person who wrote it, later on tonight or tomorrow I'm going to be posting the rewrite since, honestly, I forgot about about it being on AFF and since people are liking the rewrite so far. Although if you want to used chained, why not consider using the rewrited version. I'm going to be making several changes and probably giving Hinata more of a spotlight.