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    First, may i thank you all for not only reading my story, but for also giving me feed back. You guys are awesome :] Anyway, here are the responses to the reviews i got after posting chapter one. i originally intended to post them with the second chapter, but i got a little carried away and decided to wait and post them here. I left them the same though, so that's why they sound kind of strange now... eroburn: hahaha! One an hour? I think I’d die. Could you maybe settle for one a week? Le: Thank you so much :] and I hope this chapter didn’t disappoint. Nine: I’m glad you like it so much! I hope you still like Pollux. I know he’s an ass, but I promise he’ll be a sweetheart (some of the time) to Cas. dazedandconfused: oh my, I’ve never been stalked before. I feel rather flattered and I do hope you’ll stick around. And yes, Cas and Pollux are total opposites, but I think they both have their own charm. I will try to update regularly, because I know exactly how you feel. I hate waiting weeks, months, or even years just for one update. And thank you for being so sweet, but my writing has much to improve upon. I know it does. Next chapter I promise you’ll get Pollux’s reaction, and I’ll try to get it up soon. js: Well… Pollux isn’t the nicest guy. And he’s gonna be… not so nice. But he’ll never hurt Cas, at least not physically. amona: I glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to try and update about once a week so I don’t just leave you guys hanging with all these cliffhangers. Talltree-san: Well, here is chapter two for you! I’m sorry it’s another cliffhanger, but I wanted to get this up quickly. squishthefats: uggh! Yes! I saw that just after I uploaded the chapter! I was so mad at myself. It’s fixed now though and thank you for pointing it out. Also, I’m glad you caught that I used the names from mythology I was hoping someone would. Luna-Isis: Thank you! I’m sorry I cut the reunion short, but I’ll try and get the next chapter up soon to make up for it. midnightsscream: I’m glad the story has caught your interest, and I’ll do my best to keep it. And my responses to chapter two reviews: eroburn: *hugs back* glad you liked it :] and yes the two brothers are polar opposites. Nine: Thank you! and their outfits do reflect their personalities very well, so hopefully you won't be disappointed. miles: i did it again... i'm so sorry! Don't hate me! dazedandconfused: well looks like you were half right. Cas was defiantly not expecting Pollux to be like this. But as for blaming Cas... maybe he will once he figures out what’s going on. For now he's kinda in the dark about everything. Listes: thanks :] and their... well... their kinda talking now... but Pollux isn't really paying much attention. Le: i'm so happy you're enjoying the story so much! anonagain: oh my... i've given you another teaser haven't i? CestLindor: Sorry for the wait but i do hope you enjoyed the update. fudge: Thank you :] i'm glad you like it so far! Detrix: Well here's the reaction. guess it wasn't what you were expecting... Camjoe: I'm sorry for the wait! i'm going to try and get chapter for up much quicker than this. midnightsscream: did you like it? were you disappointed that Pollux didn't remember him? i'm sorry, but at least we've got a bit of smut, right? Talltree-san: hahaha! here is your chapter, think it'll hold you over for a little while? Snow: Oh my goodness. Thank you for such a nice complement. I'll try not to disappoint you. SneakySpy: the scale just tipped a little farther in the hate direction, didn't it? i'm sorry for all the cliffhangers! Foxfada: Thank you! i'm happy this story is loved :] kirjava01: Yeah Cas is a little cutie isn't he? But please forgive me, because i'm going to put him through some truly awful things...